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Here at Kingsbury Primary School, we feel it is very important to enrich each child’s life whenever possible and one of the ways we do this is providing swimming sessions all year round. We work alongside the swimming tutors at Nye Bevan Swimming Pool in Skelmersdale to provide opportunities to swim for our children where they learn to be confident in and around water. The pool is a fun and relaxing environment to boost physical activity levels whilst also building muscle tone and strength. Swimming also helps children to stimulate their senses and provides a lot of sensory input. 


We teach simple swimming and life skills such as treading water, holding on to the bar and swimming with aids. This is taught through games & songs and with the use of visual reinforcements throughout such as social stories and photographs so that the children know what to expect when going swimming.


Routine plays an important role because, routines help to create stability and order. Therefore, each session we follow a specific routine using familiar symbols to build on our confidence and skills in the water and end with a free play session using toys and floats. This can be presented as a social story and visuals for getting changed into swimwear.


Our swimming lessons are fun, great exercise, therapeutic and an enjoyable sensory experience. Not only do the children learn to swim, but they also gain knowledge of how to stay safe in water, which we believe is just as important. 

Autumn 2022 Term 1


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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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