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Autumn Term 1

Tuesday Forest School

21st October


This week we had a stay and play with parents and families. Following this we had the grand opening of the sensory park. Below are some of the activities from this week:


- Sensology  

- We continued to learn about our families 

- Exchanged money for pumpkins 

- Read the sensory story Five Little Pumpkins 

- Lots of Halloween and Autumn play

- Autumn hunt 

- Lots of learning though play 



14th October


This week we have continued learning about our families. Check out some of the activities we have enjoyed:


- Who lives in our families and what activities we do at home

- Exchanging money for goods at the shops

- Sensology 

- Attention Autism 

- Swimming

- Cooking 

- Relationships 

- Lots of learning through play

Tuesday's Forest School

7th October


Our focus this week has been learning about our families. Please see a few of the activities we have taken part in this week:


- Read the multi-sensory story Remixed

- Visited the shops to practise crossing the road and exchanging money for goods

- Attention Autism

- Music 

- Cooking 

- Rebound therapy

- Swimming

- Lots of learning about families in the provision


30th September 


This week we have explored the Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. Please see below other activities we have participated in:


- Attention Autism 

- RSHE relationships activities 

- Rebound Therapy 

- We read the multi-sensory story Sammy the Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah and then joined in with different Continuous Provision relating to this   

- Music

- TACPAC and well-being activities 

- Life skills  

- Lots of learning in the environment and PLOs

- And lots more 


23rd September 2022


This week has been slightly shorter to the bank holiday on Monday. However, we have still been very busy. This week our focus has been on the story The Colour Monster. Also, in order to remember Her Majesty the Queen, we participated in different activities relating to her.


- Read the Colour Monster multi sensory story

- Created emotions play dough and completed dough disco

- Attention Autism emotions theme

- Cooking - sandwiches and smoothies

- Tacpac

- Swimming

- Forrest School

- Each week we will be visiting the shop to buy our produce for our cooking sessions

- Lots of learning in the provision 

16th September 2022


Everyone had a wonderful first week back. This week, we have enjoyed a Goldilocks theme. The following are some of the things we have done:


- Attention Autism Goldilocks theme

- We read the multi sensory story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

- We learnt how to exchange money for goods at the local shop and bought our cooking resources for the week

- During baking we made porridge, smoothies and ham sandwiches

- Lots of learning through play and PLOs

-Tacpac sensory communication 

- Swimming

- Story Massage

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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