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Katie's Class

Welcome to Katie’s Class!

We are a specialist sensory ASD unit with a big heart! 


In order to reach our full potential we benefit from a play-based curriculum which integrates the use of total communication, intensive interaction, sensory stories, sensory diets, signing, and kinaesthetic approaches to learning.  

 We learn best through a mixture of adult-led and child-initiated activities that support our multisensory needs, motor skills, social skills, communication and independence. 

We love to explore our environment in many different multisensory ways; we enjoy swimming, Rebound therapy, Sensory baking, Forest School, outdoor play, going for community walks and getting out and about on our sunshine mini bus.  


Take a look inside our classroom

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Within our sensory based ASD provision we have a large main area which is set up with a range of sensory equipment to encourage the children to access self regulation strategies throughout the day. We also participate in play based learning activities within this space and use our 4 ‘breakout rooms’ within the provision for small groups and 1:1 interactions. We have a sensory diet room, small kitchen where we have breakfast and prepare meals, chill-out room for relaxation and the workroom for SALT interventions and work tasks.

Happy New Year!

Spring 2022 - our topic this term is

‘What is it made of and what does it do?’ 

Sensory baking weeks 1-3: we’ve made pizza, cakes and cheese on toast this term so far. We’ve been practising cutting and spreading skills.

Spring term 1: Week 3 - This week we have continued to investigate weather & seasons. We explored materials for clothing appropriate for each weather/seasonal situation and went on a hunt for things related to winter during our community walk.

Spring term 1: week 2 - This week we begun our new topic by exploring weather and seasons. We learned some Makaton signs for common weather patterns, sang weather songs, and explored weather themed sensory bottles/trays.

Spring term 1: week 1 - Welcome back and happy new year to you all! This week we have been so happy to re-establish our school routine and be reunited with our friends! We made new year crafts and cakes and enjoyed contributing to some splat art in Attention Autism!

Merry Christmas from Katie’s Class!

Come & see our fun, learning journey as we soar to success this upcoming year!

Autumn term 2021 - Our topic this term is Celebrations! 

Autumn term 2: week 7 - This week we had lots of fun with Christmas activities, made Christmas dinner, received messages from Santa & our Christmas party!

Autumn term 2: week 6 - We are getting into the Christmas spirit this week. We made mince pies, Christmas cards and crafts!

Autumn term 2: week 5 - This week we have been exploring the signs of winter. We read a story about how the season changes, made and hung bird feeders, sent letters to Lapland to Santa, made cinnamon buns, painted snowflakes and counted with snowballs.

Autumn term 2: week 4 - This week we have been learning about the celebration of Thanksgiving. Through a sensory story and play based activities we explored things that we were thankful for and explored some ways that others celebrate this tradition. We made a turkey stew in sensory baking and practiced our kitchen safety with some chopping skills.

Autumn term 2: week 3 - This week we have been learning about Children In Need with Pudsey bear! We made read the story Pudsey’s great fundraiser, then we made our own Pudsey posters, party hats & biscuits.

Autumn term 2: week 2 - This week we are marking Remembrance Day through poetry, artwork and visiting the war memorial in our local community.

Autumn term 2: week 1 - This week we are busy celebrating Bonfire Night & Diwali. We had a virtual bonfire & firework display on Monday and took a train ride to India on Thursday through our sensory stories. We also made our own vegetable curry and watched fireworks from the playground!

Autumn term 1: week 8 - Happy Halloween from us all! This week we have read spooky stories, experimented with neon artwork under a UV light, explored ghoulish messy play and made our own pumpkin pie!

Autumn term 1: week 7 - This week we explored colours and emotions through the sensory story ‘My many coloured days’ and made some autumnal prints using leaf stamps.

Sensory cooking: This week we made pesto pasta! We used our senses to explore the textures, smells and tastes of the ingredients.

Autumn term 1: week 6 - This week we read the story ‘Augustus’ smile’ about a tiger who lost his smile. We explored materials related to the story and found things that made us smile.

Sensory baking: This week we had lots of messy fun making cheese cake!

We went Pumpkin Picking! We had a great time picking lovely pumpkins for our autumnal play and learning!

Autumn term 1: week 5 - This week we have been looking at the special people in our lives. We made family shortbread cookies, looked at photos of our families and read the story of Stickman by Julia Donaldson.

Autumn term 1: Week 4 - We’ve been celebrating the Chinese Moon Festival this week. We sang songs about the moon phases, tasted Chinese food, made moon rock cakes and made tinfoil moon prints!

Autumn term 1: week 3. This week we have been celebrating some special birthdays within our class. We explored a birthday theme sensory bin, had a sensory story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s birthday party and baked some birthday cake!

This week was Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) We celebrated with apples & honey to mark a sweet new year!

Autumn term 1: Weeks 1&2 - We have been having lots of messy fun getting settled back into school life!

We are a musical bunch!

We love finding opportunities for play and learning in our local community.

Welcome to Purple Frogs 1 2020-2021

Summer term 2021 - Our topic this term is 'Our Wonderful World'

We love spending time with Dougie, our therapy dog. We’ve been learning how to look after him.

Summer 2, week 4: This week we have been learning about penguins through songs, counting games & sensory exploration.

Summer 2, week 3: Our story this week is ‘We’re going on a lion hunt’. We explored wet and rough textures, and made sand art.

SENSORY BAKING - we explored how heat melted chocolate when we made cornflake cakes this week.

Father’s Day 20th June: We’ve been making special treats for the wonderful men in our lives.

SENSORY MATHS: We love exploring numbers, space, shape & measures through our senses!

Summer 2; week 2: Our theme is ‘the desert’. We’ve had fun exploring sand and food. We have been reading Handa’s Surprise!

SENSORY BAKING - we made elephant shortbread biscuits

Summer 2 week 1: We’re exploring the theme ‘Jungle’ this week with the sensory massage and song ‘walking through the jungle’. What animals did we see?

SENSORY BAKING - Banana bread

Summer 1 Week 7: We have been exploring ‘rainforest’ through the story of Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson

SENSORY BAKING - We made Gruffalo Crumble Flapjacks!

Summer 1 Week 6: Woodlands: we’ve been exploring the story of The Gruffalo

Summer 1 Week 4-5: Bugs & pond life. We have been exploring mini beasts and learning about the life cycle of a frog.

SENSORY BAKING : We made dinosaur fossil shortbread cookies & dinosaur poop chocolate brownies! Yum!

Summer1 Week 1-3: We learned about Dinosaurs through stories ‘going on a Dino hunt’ and ‘The dinosaur that pooped a planet’. We used dinosaurs in our messy, sensory play and maths to compare numbers and size.

Happy Easter - We're having so much fun celebrating!

Hello 2021 - Happy New Year! 


This isn't quite the January we all had in mind but we can get through the uncertainty of Lockdown 3.0 the way we have done for the past year... TOGETHER!


When the children are in school we will be continuing to work on their sensory diets, communication development and personal learning outcomes (PLOs) and keeping our routine and learning as 'normal' as we can possibly make it.


For children who are at home I will set home learning activities which will be emailed weekly (and also found on the class page below) and I will send a pack home each week with additional activities and resources to support the children's home learning. I will also be posting weekly videos of myself and the P1 staff doing activities for the children to watch and join in with. These will be available via EFL. 


We completely understand that these are difficult, trying and tiring times for everyone so please do not feel pressured to complete these activities, you know your children best and you need to do what is right for you as a family at home.


Don't forget to keep uploading photos and videos onto EFL to show us what you have been up to!!


Please contact me via our class email if you have any questions or need support 


Katie and the P1 Team 

Autumn term - Our topic this term is 'All about me and you' 

come and see what we've been getting up to...

COVID -19 social distancing


The Kingsbury team and I hope that you are all well and keeping safe during this time. We understand that these are uncertain times that we are experiencing and we are here to support you and your families in any way that we can.


I will continue to email you all weekly with activity ideas, useful links and home learning/play ideas to help keep you all busy and sane! I have added some links here on the class page too for some useful online learning activities (some may be more useful than others). 


All the activities that I will be providing and suggest will be optional, and I want you to choose, based on your family circumstances, how many and how often you ask your child to undertake home learning activities.


However, if you would like to show us what you are getting up to then please send any pictures via email or EFL - I would love to see what you get up to whilst you are staying at home. I am definitely missing my little Purple Frogs.




Katie & the PF1 team x

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Head: Acting Deputy Head Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Spring Term 1 Begins - Wednesday 5th January 2022

Spring Term 1 Ends - Thursday 10th February 2022

Spring Term 2 Begins - Monday 21st February 2022

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