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Michelle's Class

Welcome to Michelle’s class!   

We are a wonderful class made up of 3 girls, 6 boys and 4 adults who love to sing, play and have fun!

We follow a play based curriculum which helps us to learn and develop our skills. The key areas of our learning are: Cognition andLearning, Communication and Interaction, Physical and Sensory, Social, Emotional and Mental health and Independence and Self Help.  We learn through play, music, life skills, child lead and adult lead activities, outdoor learning and much more!


We all have sensory lifestyle plans that help us to stay regulated and ready to learn and communicate.  We enjoy outdoor learning, attention autism (which we call ‘bucket’), musical communication, P.E, rebound therapy, messy sensory play, baking and educational visits.

Our class had a wonderful trip to Dobbies on Monday to see the fish.  We looked at all the different types of fish in the tanks and even got to feed the Koi.  All of the children had lots of fun! We even got to have a little play on the park before we left.

We had lots of fun in our pirate themed sensory circuits this week, we climbed the rigging, swung across the deck and even walked the plank.  

We had lots of fun practicing our turn taking this week with our new wobbly pirate ship game! Michelle ended up sending everyone overboard every time she had a turn but the children did very well with their motor skills!

We had lots of fun reading our story Pizza for Pirates today.  We read the story then made our own pizza for pirates. Today we made ham bun pizzas they were yummy!

It was world Ocean day on Wednesday so we spent the day exploring items we find in the sea. We explored shells in water, paint and shaving foam looking at different types of shells and their colours.  We looked at different creatures that live in the ocean by freeing them from ice.

We have had so much fun celebrating the queens Jubilee this week. We have baked cakes and biscuits and worked hard decorating them, completed lots of fine motor activities such as threading bracelets, making pin wheels and making hand print bunting.

 We had a lovely Jubilee picnic lunch wearing our crowns and waving the flags we have made, and ended the week with a Jubilee party with Helen’s class where we got to eat some of our lovely cakes!

We had lots of fun creating colourful Superhero word art.  We put food colouring in water along with washing up liquid and blew colourful bubbles on to words like ‘bang’ ‘pow’ and ‘crash’ to create words like you see in superhero comics.  The children chose their own straw from a selection of metal, rubber, plastic and card then blew to create the bubbles.  This was great fun and we got lots of oral sensory input too! 

We ended our Superhero topic this week by making a class superhero hideout on the playground. We worked as a team to create and build the hideout and then had lots of fun dressing up and role playing superhero’s.

We had lots of fun working on our gross motor skills in forest school this week, we worked on climbing, swinging, sliding and exploring new ways to move around the environment.

Summer 1 Week 4.

We have had so much fun exploring our brand new sensory playground! Everything was a big hit! Thank you to everyone who helped us to fundraise for our playground!

We had fun in our baking session this week making green crispy cakes into evil pea cakes from Supertato.

We had fun this week in P.E  exploring the new equipment in the big hall. We practiced our balancing skills and use our upper body to swing and hang on the ropes.  

Summer 1 Week 2.

In our music session this week we have had lots of fun exploring sounds.  We spent time looking at instruments and household objects to see what sounds we could make. We especially enjoyed making big crashing noises!

We had lots of fun with Emma from Splatter dance on Thursday! We practiced all our superhero jumps to music and then we made a giant spiderweb and practices moving through it going over and under in different ways!

In our Attention Autism ‘bucket’ session this week we looked at the letter S and the sound it makes.  We had lots of fun watching spinning toys, Michelle drew things beginning with s in flour and then we played splat the ‘s’ with water and make it disappear!

Summer Term Week One.

This week we have been settling into our new classroom, exploring the environment, resources and getting to know each other.  We have had lots of fun!


We have been learning all about the Jewish festival of Passover.  We enjoyed making flatbread called Matza which Jewish people eat over Passover, decorating an Elijah cup, we made a giant Matzeh in Attention Autism (bucket) and followed the sensory story of Moses.

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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