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As a School we learn. As a family we grow.

Mel's Class

In Mel’s class we love to learn, develop and grow as a cohort and as individuals in a fun, hands on and active way. Our key areas of focus within our learning are: Physical and sensory, emotional and mental health, independence and self help, communication and language, and cognition and learning. 


We are inspired by our play based curriculum that helps us meet the needs of all of the children in our class and delivers the greatest opportunity for each individual to follow their own learning journey whilst having fun and being engaged. 

Our class has some of the oldest children in the school. Therefore, we make it our mission to give them all as much independence as possible, as we believe it is vitally important for their school, home and every day life. 

The children continue to grow in every aspect of their development and we are extremely proud of everything they achieve in our class. 

Fruity kebab wands!

We love developing our life skills and preparing our own snacks. Today we made our own fruity kebab wands. We cut the fruit up ourselves and placed them on the skewers. Our favourite part was eating them. Yum!



We had a visit from the lovely Emma from Splatterdance. We used our bodies to make our own magic spells. We had so much fun making big movements and thinking carefully about how to move from a low position into a high position.

Magical themed dancing and casting our own magic spells through movement!

In Mel’s class, we made our own pancakes using our cooking skills.
 We made the batter ourselves, cooked them on the hob and even flipped them in the frying pan! They were delicious! 

Toss, toss, toss the pancake. Toss it nice and high!

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Self Care

We know that self care is important and is a key life skill. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in our very own class spa complete with hair salon, nail bar and foot spa. We brushed our teeth, trimmed our nails and enjoyed a lovely hand massage!

Chinese New Year!
We have had so much fun this week for Chinese New Year. In PE we danced to Chinese music using ribbons and streamers and we also used chop sticks to develop our fine motor skills. We cooked our own food for our Chinese Banquet and made a traditional Chinese drum for our New Year parade!

Magic worm experiment

As part of our topic linked to ‘what is it made of and what does it do?’ We have been exploring paper. We enjoyed using our fine motor skills to squeeze water onto the magic worms and watching them change colour and wiggle around!

Magic Worms!

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In Mel’s class, we love going swimming. It is so much fun splashing around and we are gaining so much confidence in the water.

In the pool

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We were very excited to see a little bit of snow so went straight outside to catch some snowflakes. Some of us used our hands to catch them and some of us used our tongues!  


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Week 8

It has been Halloween week in Joe’s class! The children’s costumes were fantastic, and we have enjoyed a lot of Halloween based activities throughout the week, topped off with party games!


We also had a lovely visit to Rock and River, where the children navigated across the low ropes!

The Children’s Champions also created sweet packages in their candy warehouse 🍬 


Week 6

Another week, another birthday celebration! The week has also been filled with all kinds of activities linked to ‘space week’, and the children had a fantastic time creating their own planets and UFOs! 


Week 5

We have not let the weather dampen our spirits - We have had a fantastic week in Joe’s class, with everybody celebrating Gaby’s 10th birthday with a party and cake! Furthermore, we had a trip to the shops and park, then set up a make shift shop in the classroom, selling fruits and juice that the children purchased to create their very own fruit salad 🍎🍓


Week 4

Our class all turned into eco warriors throughout ‘recycle week’. We have loved learning about recycling and taking part in our very own recycle rally. There is now a lovely recycling display in class, and the children are very proud of their work! smiley

Week 3

Once again we made the most of the sunny weather, enjoying many activities outside such as football, orienteering, and a trip to the shops!

Week 2

This week has been a hot one! The children have enjoyed a lot of fun activities outside in the sun. They particularly enjoyed ‘the floor is lava’ and our big bear hunt around the playground! 



This week we were very lucky as we had a visit from Micheal Churm, a Paralympic athlete. We took part in various activities and the children were very excited and inspired. 

Following Instructions

This week in White Frogs we have been learning about pride and what it means to be proud of who we are. Today we made 'pride' cakes and followed instructions.


19th May 2021


Each day we practise Makaton signing in class. Here are a selection of our favourite signs:


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We have been really busy this week learning how to follow instructions. So far we have made a variety of meals and planted different seeds in the sensory garden.

Home Learning activities for the WB 1/2/2021

Lockdown Spring 2021


The children in White Frogs will be set a weekly timetable for home learning. Please check your email and EFL. We would like to reassure you that the children in school will have a structured routine and learning will continue as normal. 


We love to see what you have been doing, so please continue to share via EFL.


Take care. 

Lots of the children have been busy at home recently. Check out their photographs.




Dear parents/carers,


We understand that these are uncertain times that we are experiencing and we are here to support you and your families in any way that we can.


I have emailed everyone useful links for home learning. All the activities that I have provided and haved suggested will be optional.


However, if you would like to send any completed work to us then please send any pictures of activities/work via email or EFL - I would love to see what you get up to whilst you are staying at home. Please contact me via email if you need anything else.


Stay safe,

White Frogs 

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