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Summer Term 2

Week beginning 17th July 2023

Our last week in Emma’s Class!

We started the week enjoying parachute games in PE.  We then had soft play and music.  During the afternoon we enjoyed the Sensory Playground before practising the ‘Leavers Assembly’.
On Tuesday we enjoyed Sensory Playground.  We then enjoyed making waffles in the waffle maker before putting jam, chocolate or golden syrup on them.  They were delicious!  We told our friends what we have been doing at home and wrote about it.  We looked at our writing in September and our writing now - we have all made amazing progress!  During the afternoon we made a leaving card for Jayne Wood and watched Matilda the Musical.

On Wednesday our Y6 children went to Home Bargains and Aldi to buy some food for our leavers party.  The Y4/5 children made some cakes and donuts for our party.  During the afternoon we celebrated our Y6 leavers, Jayne and Emma during the leavers assembly.  
On Thursday we enjoyed light room, a party to celebrate our leavers in Emma and Mel’s class, sensory playground and then finished with an ice lolly!

Have a lovely summer Emma’s Class!  Good luck at High School Y6!  You are all Superstars! 

Week beginning 10th July 2023

Emma’s class have had a great week.  We started the week enjoying PE where we have been learning how to create sequences.  We enjoyed Soft Play and tried to jump to the different coloured squares.  We watched Brookfield Park perform their KS2 Dress Rehearsal.  
We have continued to enjoy learning about sea creatures.  We have recalled the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and written about it.  We have put a jigsaw together that had 300 pieces!  
We had our final Forest School session and really enjoyed it.

Our Year 6 children spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning in their new school.  They then spent all day on Thursday in their new school.  They enjoyed meeting new children being in their new school and their new class.

We enjoyed going to Sandy Lane park.  We went to the shops and bought some ice lollies.  We had some children from another class with us because the rest of their class were visiting their new school.

We ended our week with trampolining, art and computing.
We have enjoyed Sensory Playground, Light room, and bikes.

A great week Emma’s Class!

Forest School

Week beginning 3rd July 2023

What an amazing week we have had!  We have enjoyed PE, soft play, bikes and sensory playground.  We have created an information sheet on pic collage or Microsoft word about animals in the ocean and our school trip.

We have been on our final bus trip this year to Happy Mount Park.  We had a super day!  We played golf, had lunch, had an ice cream or hot chocolate, and played with another school in the Splash Park.

We finished our week by going with Mel’s class to Sandy Lane Park.  We played in the park and had an ice lolly.

A brilliant week with lots of learning!  Well done Emma’s Class!

Week Beginning 26th June 2023

Emma’s class have enjoyed reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  We have finished our swimming dolphin and made a Rainbow Fish by using a CD.  
In PE we enjoyed continuing to create our own sequences on the apparatus.  Some children tried to climb up the rope!  
We hunted for different sea creatures on the sensory playground. We were in two teams and counted how many creatures we had found.  If they had a number on them then we got extra points.  In Forest School we read ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and made our own face with vegetables.

We have enjoyed soft play, light room, bikes, and trampolining.

Forest School

Week beginning 19th June 2023

The highlight this week was an amazing trip to Runway Park where we saw lots of planes take off and land.  We enjoyed a film, had our lunch and played in the park.  There was a plane we could go on so we had a look inside it!  On the way back to school we got a McDonald’s McFlurry!

Week beginning 12th June 2023

Emma’s class have had a great week.  We started the week with our PE lessons where we are learning to create sequences.

We have continued our topic ‘Water, Water Everywhere’ and completed our own research about our favourite under the sea creature.  We used the laptops to find out about the creatures.  We hunted for sea creatures in the Sensory playground.  If they had a number on them, we got extra points! We counted our points when we had finished. 
We have enjoyed making cards, bears that hug, and crispy cakes for the special Dad’s, Uncle’s, Grandad’s and men in our lives.  Some of our special men came and spent some time in our class on Friday afternoon and had donuts and drinks.

It has been a hot week so we have kept cool and learnt about how important it is to put sun cream on.  We have made sure that we drink lots and have had ice pops.  
We have taken part in ‘Call and Response’, light room and been on the Sensory Playground.

We were very proud of two of our children who took part in the Swimming Gala where the Kingsbury team came 2nd!  

Week beginning 5th June 2023

We have had a great week back after half term.  Our topic this half term is ‘Water, Water Everywhere’.  
We have been reading ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and thinking about what water is used for.  
We celebrated ‘World Ocean Day’ by learning about what it is, creating a poster, and creating a sea creature silhouette.

We have used water to water our plants, played with animals in water, and used water to make the sand wet.  
We had a lovely trip to AppleCast where we fed the animals, had lunch, and enjoyed playing in the park.

We have enjoyed PE, soft play, light room, bikes and the sensory playground.

We have used the ‘Hama beads’ to create magnets to sell at the ‘Summerfest’.

Two of our children represented our school in a football competition.  They played very well and only lost 1-0 in the final!

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