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Spring Term 1 2024

Week 5


This week we have enjoyed exploring lots of different themed days that are happening, whilst we are on half term. We enjoyed some pirate continuous provision, exploring boats, sand and messy play!

On Monday we all did really well in our PE session, we are becoming confident with using familiar equipment appropriately and asking for help with what we want to do. It was so much fun climbing, swinging and jumping. In the afternoon we explored some activities for Children's mental health week exploring emotions of happy and sad through pictures and mirrors. We used playdough to make faces and we had some of our favourite activities to choose from. 

The children have enjoyed a range of continuous provision activities this week including small world play of pirates, construction using magnetic tiles, our new switch board and books.

We also had a brilliant day of valentines activities where we decorated love bugs, explored water play through filling and emptying using pipettes and by pouring and we had some sensory activities using coloured rice.

We ended the week by exploring Chinese New Year and with a community walk to the local park. It is the year of the dragon, the children enjoyed exploring colouring on the board and making a Chinese Dragon using their handprints.

Have a lovely half term everybody!

Week 4

This week we have explored the story 'I Love Things That Go'. Which has meant we have looked at lots of different types of transport including cars, buses, boats and trains. The children have really enjoyed the continuous provision water play with coloured boats and the bubble machine. 

We really enjoyed doing Wheels on the Bus dough disco and with some adult support we squashed, rolled and pressed the dough. The children did really well and had lots of fun doing it.

There has been lots of chances to explore mark making through sensory materials, the rice was enjoyed by everyone. Some children explored making marks, some enjoyed finding the cards buried in the trays and they also enjoyed feeling it fall onto their hands.

In PE we had a sensory circuit session where the children could explore lots of regulating activities in a larger space. The children enjoyed exploring all the different equipment and engaging in 1:1 activities with adults.

We enjoyed a community walk to the local park where the children could practice climbing, rocking and swinging using the equipment. They enjoyed being out in the community and all did very well.


Week 3

Our book this week was 'We All Go Travelling By', we have explored lots of transport play activities linked to our book. The children enjoyed matching pictures, objects and sound buttons to our story. 

This week we went out on a community walk, exploring our local area. This was a huge success and everyone had a great time. 

The children have practised lots of great communication this week using PEC's, photo's and communication boards across their whole school day. 

We have enjoyed our Attention Autism sessions this week, the children's engagement has been fantastic and they have all done really well in small group sessions.

This week the children have enjoyed developing their maths skills by counting, stacking and exploring inset puzzles. We have also explored our letter sounds through phase 2 phonics.

On Thursday we went out on the minibus to the Beacon, we had great fun practising our gross motor skills on the park as well as playing with our friends. 

Week 2

Our story this week has been 'Big Yellow Digger', we matched pictures to the story and used a tuff tray to act out parts of the story. We all had favourite parts of the story some of us liked the dinosaurs, others liked the digger and some enjoyed matching the animals to the story.

We have really enjoyed the continuous provision of construction activities and particularly sand/water play. The children have communicated about wanting 'more' and 'bubbles', as well as making requests for 'sand' and 'trucks'. It has been lovely to watch them playing and sharing the activities.

We made some fantastic pictures by using trucks to paint and added some sand to the pictures if it was requested. This was a fun activity, then we used the water play to wash the trucks and get them all clean.

The children have enjoyed exploring numbers and letters throughout the week, as well as problem solving using cause and effect toys.


Forest School

Week 1

This week we started our new topic of 'Transport' and we have been reading That's Not My Fire Engine. The children have enjoyed the story and exploring the props related to the story. We have decorated Fire Engines using tactile materials, the children explored the materials and made choices of what they wanted to use. They look wonderful.

The children have been very active this week, we have done lots of sensory circuit activities using the body board, peanut balls and the trampoline. In PE we practised our gross motor skills climbing and balancing.

On Thursday we went on a nature walk for our educational visit. The children had visuals of things we might see in the woods and used these to communicate what they could see and feel. After our walk we enjoyed a play on the park before returning to school.

We have enjoyed painting fire engines, all the children did fantastic communication to choose their colours and independently painted their fire engines. 

It was lovely to see the children return to school and we have had a great week.

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

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Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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