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Emma's Class

We are a very busy class with lots of different personalities!  We love to learn through play.  We enjoy turn taking games and messy play!  We learn in different ways and use total communication, sensory stories, yoga, rebound therapy and sensory diets to engage us in a wide range of activities and provide meaningful opportunities for us to develop our skills.  We are very sociable and like to share what we have been doing at home with our friends.  We then record this in our workbooks.  We like to be independent and learn life skills like making breakfast, washing dishes, baking, washing clothes, hoovering and cleaning.   

Welcome to Emma's Class 2021 - 2022

Spring 2022

Our Topic this term is:- What is it made of and what does it do?

Week Beginning Monday 17th January 2022

We have had a busy week.  We started the week learning about World Religion Day and about all the different religions.  We learnt how World Religion Day encourages different religions to work together to create a better world.  We should treat others as we wish to be treated and respect them.  We made a creation wheel which shows us how the world began.  We continued to learn about wood but also learnt that paper comes from wood and read a book called 'The Great Paper Caper'.  We went on a paper hunt around school and created a pic collage.  We investigated what happens to different types of paper when we soak them in water.  At the end of the week we painted our bird houses and played with a spaceship that had landed in the cat litter!  We have enjoyed light room, soft play, rebound therapy, ICT and PE.  

Week Beginning Monday 10th January 2022

We have had a busy week learning all about wood.  We read a non fiction book all about wood.  We have looked at what things are made from wood, taken photos and created our own pic collage on an iPad.  We went on a community walk through lots of trees and took Dougie with us for the walk.  We have made our own rocket or planet bird house from wood.  We listened to the story 'The Gruffalo'.  We have enjoyed the light room, gymnastics, soft play, ICT and rebound therapy!  On Friday we played a guitar!

Week beginning Wednesday 3rd January 2022

Happy New Year!  We have enjoyed coming back to school and sharing what presents we got of Santa for Christmas.  We have learnt all about 'Epiphany'.  We started with a sensory drama about the nativity and then talked about the 'Three Kings'.  We learnt that some countries celebrate the Epiphany on 6th January.  The night before children will leave a shoe with hay from the Three Kings camels.  When they wake up they receive a gift and a candle from the Three Kings.  We filled little shoes and the next morning we had some sweets in the shoe!  We have enjoyed lots of arts and crafts and our work is being displayed in our classroom.  We have thought about what we want to get better at this year and wrote it on a star.  We looked at how people celebrate New Years Eve.  We were in our classroom when we spotted snow!  We went out and played in it but it didn't last for long!  Another great week!


Autumn 2021

Our Topic this term is:- All About Me and You - Celebrations

Week beginning 13th December 2021

What a great week we have all had!  A lovely end to the term!  We have completed lots of Christmas activities which have included making a Christmas Cake which we have taken home!  We enjoyed our Christmas party where we went into the hall with Jess' class and danced to the Christmas music!  The Christmas cars came to visit us and Santa got out, spoke to us, and gave us some sweets to share!  We all got a present from Santa and enjoyed opening them.  We have enjoyed the light room, soft play, ICT and going on the bikes.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Week beginning 6th December 2021

We have had a week full of Christmas fun and cheer!  This week we have made Christmas cards, reindeer food, decorated jars, coloured a table cloth, had a snowball fight in the hall, listened to Christmas stories, recorded our Nativity, made Christmas tree decorations, created Christmas patterns, played with snow, created a tree or a snowman on the computer, and enjoyed a camp fire in Forest school.  We have continued to enjoy light room, ICT, Attention Autism, soft play and creative play.  During playtimes we have enjoyed playing with Dougie outside, he was very fast!  On Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely Christmas Dinner!  We ended our week with messy play activities.  One child noticed the snowballs and decided to start throwing them around the classroom at adults!  Everyone joined in and then a different child put a snowball in the flour and threw it!  By the end of the afternoon we were all covered in flour!  It's Christmas!

Week beginning 29th November 2021

We have had another busy week.  We read a new story called 'The Christmasaurus'  which we really enjoyed.  We have written our letters to Santa.  We have enjoyed singing, signing and recording our Christmas songs.  We have made tree decorations, bunting, Christmas paper chains, wrapping paper, hanging Santa's and Snowmen.  We have enjoyed time in soft play, the light room, ICT and Attention Autism sessions.  

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

This week Christmas has begun!  We started the week by reading the story 'The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.'  The children enjoyed listening to the story.  We have decorated tree decorations and made a countdown to Christmas Santa with a beard that we can stick cotton wool on the numbers every day in December!  When it is full Santa will be on his way!  We have enjoyed activities in the light room with Christmas projectors.  We have been to soft play, rode the bikes, been to ICT, been swimming and enjoyed messy play!  We wrote about what we have been doing at home and completed Christmas maths activities.  It was lovely to see some of our friends return to school.

Week beginning 15th November 2021

We have had an exciting week in school.  It was Mickey Mouse's 93rd Birthday on Thursday.  We have enjoyed decorating biscuits, blowing up balloons, writing birthday cards, and making sandwiches.  We had a party for Mickey Mouse on Thursday afternoon.  We enjoyed playing with his new toys that he got for his birthday, dancing, eating food, playing pass the parcel and playing a game with a balloon.  

We have enjoyed going to the light room, soft play, ICT and playing on the bikes.  We had two Attention Autism sessions where we saw some new toys and a glitter glue activity.

We ended our week by learning all about 'Road Safety' because it was 'Road Safety' week.  We went for a walk in the community and learnt how to cross the road safely.  We passed the war memorial which reminded us about Remembrance Day that we had learnt about.  We ended our walk in the park, before walking back to school.  We borrowed the Lollypop stick and fluorescent coat to role play what the Lollypop Lady does every morning and every afternoon to help children cross the road.  We played a bingo game and ordered how to cross the road so that other children know.

We did miss some of our friends this week and look forward to seeing them when they come back to school.

Week beginning 8th November 2021

We have had a fun packed week.  We have continued to read our sensory story 'The Night Before my Birthday'.  The children have counted balloons, sorted them into colours, made cakes with candles on them out of play dough, bought birthday cards and written them for Mickey Mouse, and interacted with our story by using their senses of touch, smell and taste.  

We have written all about what we have been doing at home which, for most of us, was watching fireworks!  We are really enjoying our Attention Autism sessions where we have watched Emma play with new toys, splat flour and draw candles, and put a poppy together with pre-cut pieces.  She then sprinkled small pieces of red tissue paper over it and stayed quiet.  As it was Remembrance Day we made biscuits and decorated them like a poppy, made a class wreath, and looked at some World War 2 medals.  We were all very interested and asked lots of questions.  Every week we have a games session where we play games that involve turn taking.  As well as all of the great work we have done, we have been to the light room, soft play, ICT, Forest school and swimming.

Week Beginning 1st November 2021

This week we read a new book 'The Night Before my Birthday'.  We learnt about Mickey Mouse and when his Birthday is.  He celebrates his Birthday on 18th November and he will be 93 this year.  We made play dough cakes with candles on them and matched them to the number.  We started Attention Autism where we watched Emma show us three different toys.  She then sprinkled flour all over a tray and drew balloons, cakes and candles in it.  We learnt about how to be safe with fireworks, made cakes, and created our own bonfire.  We have enjoyed light room, soft play, ICT, forest school, and swimming.  

Week Beginning 18th October 2021

We continued reading our story 'The Night Before Halloween'.  We continued learning about Halloween.  We learnt some new songs, enjoyed the Halloween activities in the light room, made our own Halloween cupcakes, made Halloween marshmallow crispy cakes, a cauldron, created a spiders web, made a pumpkin mask, and ended the week with our Halloween party!    We enjoyed soft play, going on the bikes, going on the computer and foot massages during the week.

Week Beginning:- 11th October 2021

Our new story is:- The Night Before Halloween.  This week all of activities in class, the Light Room, Yoga and PE have been linked to Halloween.  We enjoyed making prints with the paints, songs and games in PE, interacting with the sensory story, making a witches potion, counting spiders, making shadow puppets, making footprints using paint, playing ghost bowling, and exploring a real pumpkin.  In the light room we really enjoyed using the torches that created different things related to Halloween.  We enjoyed a foot spa and some of us read a book while we were having a foot spa.

Week Beginning - 4th October 2021

We have had another busy week!  We continued looking at our story, making play dough animals, listening to our sensory story and completing our 'Incredible Me' rainbows.  We asked our friends to describe us.  We loved our music session where we copied what our teachers and our friends did.  We took on the role of the teacher!  We have been on the bikes, in the light room, in soft play and on the computers.  We really enjoyed swimming at the end of the week.  We finished our week with foot spas and putting our feet into slime!


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Week Beginning:- 27th September 2021

This week we celebrated European Day of Languages.  On Monday we spent our day completing lots of different activities.  We learnt about Italy and made a flag, craft pizza plate, played a flag pairs game, built the 'Leaning Tower of Pisa' with duplo bricks and made a Venetian mask.  We played a game with Italy and the United Kingdom in the hall.  On Friday we wore our masks and danced with them.  We ate pizza and garlic bread.  During the week we also continued reading our sensory story 'Incredible You!'.  We enjoyed time in the light room, soft play, ICT, reading activities, maths activities, going on the bikes, Forest School, time with Dougie, Arts and Crafts, Messy play, Creative play and Swimming.  We have certainly had a busy week!

Weeks Beginning:- 13th September and 20th September 2021

We have had a very different two weeks.  On 13th and 14th we were altogether and enjoyed talking about who we live and writing about them.  We enjoyed Sensory Soft Play, Creative Play, writing about our news and Sensory Light Room.  From 15th September until 22nd September we spent some time at home completing work with our family and some time in school.  We were all back together, in school, on Thursday 23rd September.  We had a lovely day and celebrated World Fitness Day!  We completed lots of different fitness challenges and activities that help to keep us healthy.  We thought about other ways we can keep healthy - eating a balanced diet, drinking water and sleeping well.  We talked about how we can keep Dougie healthy and how we can exercise him.  We took him for a walk and threw a ball for him to fetch.  On Friday we went Swimming for the first time in a while!  We all had great fun and listened to the swimming teachers.  We finished the week with messy play activities and skeleton making!

Forest School

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Week beginning:- 6th September 2021

Welcome back to the new school year!  We have had a lovely start to our term and welcomed new staff into our class.  During our first week we enjoyed listening to our Sensory Story - Incredible You!  We have had lots of fun in the light room, soft play, on the bikes and playing with our new toys.  We have painted a portrait of ourselves and started to write things about ourselves to go around it when it is displayed on our wall.  We enjoyed looking at which animal we would like to be like and why.  We created a graph to show which animals we all like.  Dougie is spending a Thursday afternoon with our class.  we enjoyed taking him for a walk.  A great start to the new year!

Welcome To Green Frogs 2020-2021!



Summer Term 2021 - 2nd half.

On Tuesday 10th June we had a fragile package arrive!  We were all very curious about what it might be.  When we opened it we found 5 tiny Caterpillars in a container!  By Wednesday 16th June our Caterpillars had grown and were starting to go to sleep in their chrysalis.  We moved our Caterpillars into a Butterfly net on Monday 21st June.  On Wednesday 22nd June two beautiful butterflies appeared.  It was amazing to see!  On Thursday 24th June the other three woke up!  We captured one of them on video!  Emma took them home over the weekend.  

Look at how the butterfly eats!

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Watch the butterfly emerge!

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Summer Term 2021 - First half.

It has been lovely to have everyone back together again and having so much fun in school!  

Green Frogs have really enjoyed Rock and River this half term.  They have enjoyed the low ropes and the canoes!  They got very wet in the lake!  We are reading a story called 'Meet the Planets'.  The children have learnt about the different planets and completed lots of activities around the book.  

Rock and River - Climbing

Rock and River - Orienteering and Den Building

Lockdown Spring 2021


These are difficult and challenging times but better times will follow!!


We will be setting Home Learning Activities and Videos for the children via EFL, for when the children are learning at home during this time.   We will also send out any resources or equipment that the children require to help them. Whilst the children are in school we would like to reassure you that we are doing our best to keep our routine and structure and the children's learning and fun is continuing.


Please keep uploading photos and videos onto EFL to show us what you have been up to!!


Emma, Jane, Leona and Lily

COVID-19 response - March 2020


During this period of home-learning, please remember that we are always on hand if you need any help or advice. You can email me on the class email address with any questions and you should have all received an email from me detailing useful websites and activity suggestions to keep your little Green Frogs busy! You are under no pressure to access any of this; all we want is for you and your child to remain healthy and happy!


Keep an eye out for a weekly newsletter from me every Friday, containing some new ideas to keep your little ones engaged. The school Facebook group also has some lovely examples. I would love for you to share photographs and videos of what you and your Green Frog have been getting up to through the Evidence For Learning app. 


Take care everyone and stay safe.


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