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Spring term 1

Week 6

We have been super busy this week, we moved into our second classroom, we had visitors from Emma’s class, who came to play and read us some stories and we finished off the week with Ally’s class who came to Jessie’s birthday party! 

We have also been celebrating Valentines Day this week and made Valentine’s Day cards, explored rose petals, love hearts, confetti and lots of other items relating to Valentines Day. 
In cookery we made a lovely tomato soup and explored the tomatoes with our feet! We continued to enjoy our Winter TacPac and Sensory story and our visit to Twinkle House for soft play and swimming.

Week 5

We had another special visitor in class this week, Natalie brought her gorgeous baby girl into class to meet us all. We all really enjoyed meeting Isla and seeing Nat again! 
This week we have used bubble wrap and PomPoms to make beautiful penguin pictures, we have worked really hard in our Movement to Music sessions and enjoyed a visit to Twinkle House. 
We continue to explore our senses during our sensory story, Sensology  and TacPac sessions. 

Forest School

Week 4

This week we have continued to explore our Winter theme. We painted owl pictures using shower loofahs, we used coloured ice to make watercolour pictures and we explored different types of fake snow. We are still enjoying our Sensory Story ( Say Hello to the Snowy Animals) and winter themed TacPac and Sensology sessions. 
This week we made sweet potato and chorizo soup and tried to figure out which of the 2 switches controlled the blender. We all tasted it and thought it was yummy. 

Week 3

We started the week with a special visitor in class, our friend Amber. It was lovely to see her in school enjoying some activities.

We have had a lovely week celebrating Chinese New Year in class. We made Year of the rabbit sun catchers, explored cooked and dry rice and noodles, made chicken and sweetcorn soup and tasted prawn crackers. 
We continued  to enjoys our trip to Twinkle House and had a lovely forest school session. 

Forest School Friday

Week 2

This week we have been very busy in Michelle’s class. We had our new Winter animals Sensory Story and explored all the new items relating to the animals- we felt fur for the Polar bear, feathers for the owl, smelt mussels and tasted tuna, and explored fake snow! It was lots of fun even if some of us really didn’t like the tuna! 
We also had our new TacPac this week, listening to songs relating to winter, exploring fans, scrunched paper, chains, ribbons and a massage. 

We have been very creative this week and made leek and potato soup, we painted Polar bear pictures in art using forks, we finger painted snow onto a winter scene and played with Polar animals in water beads. 
We ended the week relaxing with a lovely Story Massage. 

Week 1

We have a very busy first week back this week! On Tuesday we enjoyed our first rebound session of the term, made some yummy melted snowman cookies, painted a 2023 picture and had a very noisy music session!  
On Wednesday we got cooking and really had fun using the blender to make carrot and coriander soup, we explored all the ingredients and were supported to use the big knives to cut the vegetables! We also visited soft play and had a Sensology session. 
We visited Twinkle House on Thursday to use the hydro pool and light room and in the afternoon we had a relaxing TacPac session. 
Today we enjoyed forest school with Ruth. 

Forest School Friday

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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