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Children at Kingsbury who attend hydrotherapy sessions do so at Twinkle House Wellness and Sensory Centre nearby.  The difference between a leisure pool and a hydrotherapy pool is the temperature.  The warm water of the hydrotherapy pool creates better blood flow and reduces muscle tension and tightness.   For our children with additional physical needs, the reduced pressure on the whole body and on the joints, allows the opportunity to feel weightless and free to move in a way that cannot otherwise be achieved.  The benefits of hydrotherapy for the children are many.  It helps to increase and develop balance, posture, bone and muscle strength.  The hydrotherapy pool has sensory lighting and free choice of music to play, further enhancing the experiences the children have.  These multi-sensory swim sessions provide a range of therapeutic opportunities alongside physical benefits and can positively impact general wellbeing and mental health.   

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Head: Acting Deputy Head Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Summer Term 1 Begins - Tuesday 19th April 2022

Summer Term 1 End - Friday 27th May 2022

Summer Term 2 Begins - Wednesday 8th June 2022

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