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Spring Term 2

Week 5

This week we visited Apple Cast Farm. We had a tour by one of the staff called Shannon and were given a big bucket of food to feed the animals. We fed sheep, goats, horses and alpacas. After this we got to go into the outdoor classroom and held small animals such as Guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits and rats. We learned how to be gentle with the small animals and enjoyed giving them a cuddle. This week we have also been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a wonderful sensory story and have enjoyed re-enacting our favourite parts, we also pretended to be giants and stomped through paint shouting ‘fe, fi, fo, fum’.

Week 3

This week, as part of our ‘Our Growing World’ topic, we have been exploring the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have enjoyed lots of activities and provision based on the story this week, including a sensory story, story massage, story sequencing, caterpillar patterns and even a tuck shop where we could buy some of the fruit from the story! We are very excited because next week we will have our own caterpillars in class to look at! 

Week 2

This week, for World Book Week, we have been exploring the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We enjoyed a sensory story as well as lots of activities throughout the week which linked to the book such as making our own binoculars to go on our very own bear hunt as well as story massage and making our own tree rubbings outside. We have continued to build on our independence skills in making our own toast too!

Week 1

This week we have been joined by the children in Kathryn’s Class whilst their classroom gets decorated. We have really enjoyed playing together. On Tuesday, we made our very own pancakes for pancake day. We took turns flipping them in the pan. We have also explored Spring, particularly daffodils as one of the first signs of Spring. We looked at real daffodils in class and painted our own. We have been developing our independence skills and learning the process of making toast which we will continue weekly this term. 

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Headteachers: Helen Smith and Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Begins - Monday 30th October 2023

Autumn Term 2 Ends - Friday 22nd December 2023

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