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Becky's Class

Meet our lovely team…

In Becky’s Class we love to learn, play and have fun. The key areas we focus on are cognition and learning, communication and language, social, emotional and mental health, physical and sensory and independence and self help. 


We follow a play based curriculum and learn in many ways. We have lots of adult and child-led play based activities to provide meaningful opportunities to develop our skills. We all have personalised sensory diet plans to enable us stay focused and organised throughout the day. We also love attention autism or ‘bucket’ as we call it where we develop our attention, communication and interaction. We spend lots of time working on our communication such as listening to sensory stories, intensive interaction, using PECS and Makaton. 


In Becky’s Class we enjoy swimming, rebound therapy, outdoor play and educational visits either on our school mini bus or walks in our local community. 

Welcome to Becky's Class - Part 1

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Welcome to Becky's Class - Part 2

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Welcome to Becky’s Class 2021-2022

Our topic this term is ‘What is it made of and what does it do?’

Week 3 - This week we have continued our car topic. We have enjoyed listening to a song about 5 little cars, reading ‘That’s not my car’, finding cars in jelly and building with blocks!

Week 2 - This week we have been enjoying looking at cars like in our new book ‘That’s not my car!’. We have enjoyed playing with cars in shaving foam and then putting them through the car wash to clean them. We also made some lovely pictures using the cars to make marks.

Week 1 - We have had a great first week back celebrating the new year. We have enjoyed colouring in our 2022 poster, making firework cakes and pushing pipe cleaners into playdoh to make fireworks!

Our topic this term is 'Celebrations'

Week 7 - A lovely ending to a lovely term! We had so much fun at our Christmas party and enjoyed opening out presents. We finished the day with a visit from Santa who brought us some sweets! Merry Christmas everyone.

Week 6 - This week we have enjoyed our Christmas Dinner! The hall was decorated and we had crackers on our table and little snowman and chocolate Santas to eat. Everybody sat so well and enjoyed a dance at the end.

Week 5 - This week we have begun our Christmas activities. We have enjoyed making Christmas decorations, putting baubles on our tree and learning our songs for the play. We have been very excited to start our advent calendar this week and look forward to seeing what is behind the door each day!

Week 4 - This week we have continued with our fruit themed activities. We have enjoyed playing and tasting lots of different fruit and found fruit in jelly! We also had lots of fun we our new playdoh cutters. Everybody enjoyed playing together and sharing the cutters. Finally, we have had lots of fun playing on our class shop. There are lots of fruits to buy in there.

Week 3 - Such a fun week in Becky’s class! We have enjoyed having Dougie in our class this week and holding his lead to take him on a walk. We have also started our new book this week ‘Kitchen Disco’ and enjoyed lots of fruit themed activities!

Week 2 - This week we have been participating in lots of activities based on poppies. We have enjoyed making poppies out of playdoh, making poppy biscuits and colouring in poppies. We have a 2 minute silence on the 11th November to remember all the soldiers.

Week 1 - We have had a great first week back completing lots of Diwali and Bonfire night activities. We made Diva lamps our of salt dough, played with colourful rice and made rangoli patterns. We finished our week watching a firework display and eating chocolate apples.

Our topic this term is ‘All About Me and You’

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Week 8 - This week we have had lots of fun taking part in different Halloween activities. We made some cakes and decorated them with spooky sweets and enjoyed making a spider. We all looked lovely in our costumes!

Week 7 - This week we have continued looking at the autumn leaves and froze some leaves into ice blocks. We had so much fun trying to get them out. We have also continued our story “Little Red Riding Hood” and enjoyed trying on the mask and making a wolf!