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Summer Term 1

Week 6


In Ally's class this week we have enjoyed a range of activities. Our story was ' Toys in space' and we enjoyed engaging with a range of toys in class. Because it was sunny, lots of the children enjoyed engaging in activities outside. Some of the activities were the water tray and water wall as well as sensory balance boards.

Our educational visit this week took us to the Beacon, the children were excellent whilst we were there. They enjoyed exploring the woods and going on a hunt for the gruffalo! Whilst we were there the children explored the play area, sharing equipment and practising climbing, swinging and exploring new equipment independently. 

In class this week the children have done some amazing reading and phonics work, they have worked really hard on recognising letter sounds, reading sentences and answering questions about stories. 

We made pizza bagels for our snack on Friday. The children squeezed and spread their tomato puree onto the bagels, before choosing their toppings and adding them to their bagels. 


Week 5


This week in Ally's class our story was 'The boy who switched off the sun'. The children were intrigued by the story and were excited to find out how that was possible. The story was about a boy who loved ice cream and didn't want it to melt.

This led us to having our own ice cream role play in class, which the children enjoyed and engaged in very well. It gave us the opportunity to develop our communication, reading, writing and maths (money). The children had a turn at serving the customers and also ordering as a customer. It was lots of fun!

We also did some speaking and listening games, taking turns at both. The children listened to a description of an ice cream and had to find the correct one from a picture, by following the clues and asking for more clues if they needed. They then had a turn at describing an ice cream for someone else to guess. To finish the game, we coloured an ice cream. We listened to a description 'blue cone, second scoop is pink, first scoop is green' and showed we could follow the instructions by colouring it in.

We have done some ice cream related colouring, making ice creams on the light board, following patterns. On Friday we also made our own ice lollies in class. 

Forest School

Week 4


This week our story has been 'there's an alien in your book'. We have continued exploring space this week.


We made our own fizzy moon rocks in class, measuring and mixing the ingredients and choosing our favourite colours. We then squashed and moulded them into shapes.


On Wednesday we had a fantastic swimming session, the children have been doing really well. This week we swam on our front and our backs. Some children practised jumping in the pool. Everybody practised collecting objects in the pool either from the bottom of the pool or off floats in the shallow end. 


The children enjoyed making their own space board games, they thought of questions to make question tiles. They also added spaces to move forward and back. We then played their games and they really enjoyed sharing them with staff and friends.


We have had space movement sessions, we moved like spinning galaxies, walked like an astronaut and to finish we had a space relaxation session which made us all feel calm.


The children have enjoyed a range of space art and writing activities, we have explored pictures of space. We have made our own models using Lego and construction toys.


To finish the week the children chose to make pizzas. They selected their ingredients and independently made pizzas which they enjoyed for snack.


We hope our friends had a wonderful time at Borwick and we can't wait to hear all about their adventures.


Week 3


This week in Ally's class our story has been 'The dinosaur that pooped a planet'. The children enjoyed listening to the story.

They have participated in lots of dinosaur related activities. We had a tuff tray set up with fizzy dinosaur land, we used lemon juice to create reactions. The children enjoyed practising their fine motor skills squeezing pipettes and lemon quarters to create fizzy science reactions.

On Tuesday we watched a video all about dinosaur fossils. We used salt dough and toy dinosaurs to make our own dinosaur fossils, which we have baked in the oven and painted. the children happily chose their own dinosaurs and used the figures to create their fossils.

During our sensory park session this week we practised moving in different ways, we practised hopping and jumping this week. We also did some great sharing and turn taking on the equipment. Some children completed an obstacle course involving hopping, climbing and sliding using the equipment. 

On Friday we celebrated the Kings coronation, we had a mini disco in the morning where some children enjoyed a dance. In class we made our own afternoon tea to enjoy. The children practised spreading and cutting to make sandwiches. We also followed a recipe to make a beautiful Victoria sponge cake.

Forest School

Week 2 


This week in Ally's class we have been reading the story The Smed's and The Smoo's, all of the children have really enjoyed this book. We have read the book a few times and the children have gained an amazing understanding of what happened in the book. Lots of the children enjoyed joining in reading the story and memorised the rhymes in the book.

Our activities linked to the book have been a huge success, the children have enjoyed using playdough to make Smed's and Smoo's, they have been really creative and chosen appropriate ways to describe the characters.

Everybody drew their favourite character from the story and could say why they had chosen them. We had lots of Smoo's, some Smed's and even Smoo-Smed's. The colours in the story were a big focus and we explored colour mixing using paint, experimenting what would happen when we mixed together two different colours.

The children have done some brilliant phonics work, we used the colours from the story with water. The children explored words and had to decide if they were real words or not!

We have had lots of water play as it was one of the Smed's favourite things to do, splashing around getting wetter and wetter. 

We have enjoyed the weather being sunny and using chalks outside to draw with our friends. 

Today we had a fantastic game of keeping the balloons off the floor in soft play, some children tried to blow up their own balloons, some enjoyed letting the balloon's go and trying to catch them.

We have had an amazing week in Ally's class.

Week 1


We have had a very busy week back in Ally's class. Our butterflies waited to meet us and hatched over the weekend before we returned to school. We enjoyed looking at the butterflies in the net, they were feeding on oranges. Some of us felt brave enough to hold them and we liked looking at them up close, we were very gentle and set them free in the bushes on our playground.

On Monday afternoon we started looking at things we can do to keep our body healthy such as healthy eating, looking after our teeth and exercise. The children were able to identify some things which aren't good for your teeth and how we can help to keep our teeth healthy.

Our story this week was Aliens love underpants! It was a very funny story, that we all enjoyed listening to. We took part in some activities writing about what else we thought aliens would love. We made tactile pictures of aliens and wrote 'That's not my alien, its pants are too ....' and chose the word that described the texture of pants we made. We used words like rough, smooth, bumpy, wrinkly, rubbery and gritty. 

The tuff tray was set up with an alien landing, they'd arrived in eggs and there was jelly all over the tuff tray. Some of the pupils enjoyed exploring that together and putting the aliens back in the eggs. 

To finish the week we made smoothies, everyone chose fruit that they liked and chopped it up. We put it in the blender one at a time and blitzed it up. When it was ready we had a taste and said whether we liked it or not. 

We have enjoyed seeing our friends after the week holiday and have engaged in lots of activities together including water play, board games and sensory play.



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