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The governors meet on a regular basis and work alongside the Headteacher and staff to determine aims, agree policies, targets and priorities for development. This ensures continuous improvements to the standards of education and promotes a safe caring environment for the benefit of our pupils.


The following people are the governors of Kingsbury Primary School.


Nikki Clark - Chair / Co-opted Governor

My son has attended Kingsbury School from the age of 2 years until he left at 11 and I have been a governor at Kingsbury School for many years. I became a governor as I wanted to know more about how the school worked, how decisions were made and how I could help and make a difference within the school. I decided to stay on as a governor when my son left as I really enjoyed playing an active role within the school and I wished to give something back to Kingsbury for all the help and support they have given both me and my son over the years.  I enjoy volunteering in the school as it gives me the opportunity to get to know the children in other classes and participate in some of the fun activities that we do. Previously I have facilitated the summer holiday trips and outings and I also run the Kingsbury School Charitable Fund and enjoy organising activities and fundraising events which raise money to support the children in our school. 

Fiona Duggan - Vice Chair / Co-opted Governor

I became a governor at Kingsbury in 2011 having been approached by a fellow governor. I am committed to the importance of education and want to contribute to making the most of the opportunities available to them. In my working life I was a solicitor and for most of my career was an in house lawyer for home shopping and high street retailers. I hope that my commercial experience adds a different and useful perspective to the work of the Governors. I have also been a volunteer local magistrate since 2008. 

Fiona Grieveson - Headteacher

I have been the Headteacher of Kingsbury school since January 2013. Prior to this appointment I was Acting Head for 18 months and Deputy Head for 5 years before that.

I became a governor upon taking up the role of Acting Head.

I am also a governor at my own children’s school, Formby High School.

Therefore, I see the work of governing bodies from  different perspectives!! It is very interesting to see the many commonalities between the two bodies and I am able to give and take experiences, ideas and advice on both.

I have worked in the field of special education since 1986, working with children with a wide range of learning difficulties and with all ages from 2 to 19. I have worked in several different authorities across the country and also worked in Germany with children in British Service Schools.

In my spare time I love to read, go to the theatre and cinema and enjoy a meal out with friends.

Jayne Wood - Co-opted Governor

I have been a member of staff at Kingsbury for 28 years. I started my career as a Teaching Assistant and worked my way to becoming a member of the senior leadership team responsible for Teaching Assistants, volunteers and many many other things involved in school life! I have 2 children aged 22yrs and 17yrs. In my spare time I volunteer for the North West Air ambulance and support the mighty Wigan Warriors! I have served on the Governing body for 12 years.

Katie Fielding - Staff Governor

I have been teaching for many years at Kingsbury Primary School and I have been a Governor at the school since September 2015 when I started my Deputy Headship. I completed my teaching degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. Following my training I taught in a mainstream school for 14 years before joining Kingsbury. Previously I have had the opportunity to be a Parent Governor at my daughters school and Nursery and in my previous role as Deputy Headteacher at Brookfield Park I attended all the Governors meetings.  

I am a busy full time working mum with 3 young children so enjoy spending time with friends and family during the weekends and holidays.

Fran Haygarth - Co-opted Governor

I am a new school governor and I joined the Governing Board in March 2019. I am passionate about equality and supporting children of all abilities to engage with education to empower them for the future. I have worked at Edge Hill University since 2016, working within the Quality Assurance Unit, where I am involved in supporting new curriculum developments and changes in the University. Prior to that I worked at Lancashire County Council for 5 years in various Departments, including within social care commissioning and as an Administrator for the Shared Lives Service. I am also the Secretary to my local CLP Women's Forum, which is also an area of interest for me. I hope that my career experience to date, especially my links to Edge Hill University and my time within the local authority will prove useful for the School and support its continued growth. My skills and knowledge relate primarily to administration, in areas such as I.T, GDPR and academic governance, as these are a key part of my day-to-day role. 

James Greenlees - Parent Governor

I am excited to be given this opportunity to be a governor at Kingsbury.   I am also a governor at Bishop Martin School in Skelmersdale. I understand the importance of a good governing board and hope that I will add to this.  My daughter has been a student here since September 2017 and has enjoyed every day.  

Dawn Davies - Local Authority Governor

I am delighted to be part of the Governing Body at Kingsbury School which, to me, is a very special school providing a highly nurturing and supportive education for children with a range of complex needs. I have 20 years experience in the education sector, predominantly in the Skelmersdale locality and my roles have been; Reception class teacher at St Richard’s Catholic Primary School, Early Years Consultant for Lancashire LA, Deputy and Acting Head Teacher at Hindley Sure Start Nursery School, Early Years PGCE Programme Lead at Edge Hill University then more recently Programme Lead for the Skelmersdale SHARES School Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme. The staff at Kingsbury make every child and visitor feel valued and I am keen to work with staff and fellow Governors to ensure that Kingsbury school retains its excellent reputation in the locality and sector as well as its outstanding grade with Ofsted.

Claire Gee - Parent Governor

I am ecstatic to be given an opportunity to be governor at Kingsbury. My son started attending in September 2018. Since then I have had a keen interest in the school and how it is run. I am enthusiastic, committed with a can-do attitude. I am eager to learn and be hands on. I want to do this amazing school and children that attend proud.

Ian Price - Co-opted Governor

Previously having experience as a governor for seventeen years at West Lancashire Community High School, I feel privileged to be able to support both the Governing Body and Management Team at Kingsbury.  From my previous experience, I have a good understanding of the responsibilities and importance of the governance of a special school and look forward to taking an active part within the life of the school.  I have been a Boys’ Brigade officer at Ormskirk for over forty years and Junior Section Leader for twenty-two years.  In addition to this, I am a member representative trustee at Emmanuel Methodist United Reformed Church.  My employment was within the Engineering and Manufacturing sector, most recently as a Commercial Project Manager for customer orders. My experience includes health and safety risk analysis and assessments for walk around inspections.


Clerk to Governors - Ann Culshaw










Mrs Fiona Grieveson


The governing body


Governor since 01/09/11


Campus Committee

Mrs Katie Fielding



07/10/19 - 06/10/23

Governor since 22/09/15




Mrs Jayne Wood


The governing body

03/11/18 – 02/11/22

Governor since 15/11/06

Support Staff governor 15/11/06

Co-opted governor 03/11/14


Health & safety governor



Miss Nikki Clark


The governing body

13/10/20 – 12/10/24


Governor since 16/09/08

Parent governor 16/09/08

Co-opted governor 13/10/16

Chair of governors

Safeguarding governor

Informal curriculum (Seekers) governor


Campus Committee

Headteacher's Performance Management Committee

Mrs Dawn Davies

(Local Authority)


The Local Authority

24/09/19 - 23/09/23

Governor since 26/06/18

Co-opted governor 26/06/18

LEA governor 24/09/19

Wellbeing governor

Semi-formal curriculum (Discoverers) governor

Pay Committee


Mrs Fiona Duggan


The governing body

03/11/18 – 02/11/22

Governor since 17/01/11

LEA governor 17/01/11

Co-opted governor 31/11/14

Vice Chair of governors

Chair of Campus Committee

Website & IT governor

Training & Development governor


Pay Committee

Campus Committee


Mrs Fran Haygarth


The governing body

07/02/19 - 06/02/23

Governor since 07/02/19

Co-opted governor 07/02/19

GDPR governor

Pre-formal curriculum (Explorers) governor


Headteacher's Performance Management Committee



Mrs Claire Gee


Parents of the school 18/03/19 - 17/03/23

Governor since 18/03/19

Parent governor 18/03/19

Autism/Sensory governor




Pay Committee

Mr James Greenlees



Parents of the school 02/05/18 - 01/05/22

Governor since 02/05/18

Parent governor 02/05/18

Enrichment governor

Formal curriculum (Adventurers) governor

Campus Committee

Mr Ian Price


The governing body 05/12/19 - 04/12/23

Governor since 05/12/19

Co-opted governor 05/12/19

Semi-formal curriculum (Experimenters) governor

Pupil Premium governor


Headteacher's Performance Management Committee







Fiona Grieveson 9/9



Katie Fielding 9/9



Jayne Wood 6/9



Nikki Clark 6/9



Fiona Duggan 9/9



Dawn Davies 5/9



Claire Gee 8/9



Ian Price 6/6



James Greenlees 5/9    

Fran Haygarth 7/9









Fiona Grieveson 2/2

Claire Gee 2/2

Nikki Clark 1/1

Fiona Duggan 1/2

Dawn Davies 2/2

Fran Hayarth 1/1

Nikki Clark 2/2

James Greenlees 1/2

Fiona Duggan 2/2                


James Greenlees 1/1


Ian Price 1/1






Name of Governor

Name of Business

Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

Date of appointment/acquisition

Date of cessation of interest

Fiona Grieveson


SHARES Lancashire Ltd

Not for profit company providing a range of services to primary schools




Fran Haygarth


Edge Hill University


Administration Manager



Jayne Wood







Nikki Clark







Dawn Davies







Fiona Duggan







Katie Fielding







Claire Gee






James Greenlees


Ian Price






Kingsbury School is a member of SHARES (Skelmersdale & Upholland Headteachers’ Association Raising Education Standards) a company limited by guarantee.




Name of Governor

Name of School


Date of appointment/election


Dawn Davies Woodland Primary School Co-opted 27/11/2017

Curriculum/Staffing Committee

PSHE Governor

James Greenlees Bishop Martin Catholic Primary School Parent 01/06/2016

Vice Chair of governing body

Nominated governor for inclusion, premises health & safety and staff discipline and appeals

Fiona Grieveson Formby High School Parent 15/07/2018

Chair of Governing Body

Link for SEN Department

Member of all Committees





Name of Governor




(teaching/support staff/governor)

Fiona Grieveson



Katie Fielding



Jayne Wood


Hannah Wood, Support Staff

Nikki Clark



Dawn Davies



Fran Haygarth



Claire Gee N/A  
James Greenlees N/A  
Fiona Duggan N/A  
Ian Price N/A  


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