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Spring Term 1

Week 6

In class today we have celebrated all things valentines. The children have made cards to give to their families. They have also baked valentines biscuits, that they independently decorated and enjoyed at snack time. We have also done some singing and signing.


We have talked about what makes a good friend and gave compliments to our friends in class. We made friendship bracelets and Hama bead hearts, enjoy some messy play with foam paints and sticking activities.


In the afternoon, the children enjoyed some “self love”, we painted each others nails, enjoyed the foot spa and a massage.


Have a lovely half term.


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Week 5


This week we have been settling into our new class and exploring the new rooms. We have an amazing sensory room with tactile walls and have made a chill out space.

We have explored the children's interests this week whilst we have been settling in and have done lots of Pokemon related activities. The children have been writing about their favourite characters, solving puzzles and creating their own pictures.

In our classroom the children have enjoyed exploring the computer area to play number games and have experimented by drawing on the computer. 

The children have still enjoyed lots of sensory activities in class and in the sensory room. There are new textures to explore in the sensory room with our sequin wall and tactile floor tiles.

We have also had lots construction activities as the children have been enjoying building using a variety of materials and we have had some amazing creations! Ally's class have had a brilliant week and have settled into their new classroom well. 

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Week 4


This week in Ally's class we enjoyed starting off our week by exploring the Arctic. We listened to different stories to start the week and we also watched videos of animals that live in the Arctic.

We enjoyed sensory play with fake snow and arctic animals, we drew pictures of polar bears and decorated igloos. We also made some snowflake biscuits in sensory cooking.

On Wednesday we explored what the Northern lights are, we watched a story about a girl visiting the arctic and seeing the Northern lights. This was one of our favourite stories and we drew our own Northern lights pictures using chalk on our playground. We also had water play with lights, it was fun pouring the water on the lights and watching them change colour. 

Whilst the weather has been dry we have enjoyed being outside and playing with our friends. The children enjoy drawing pictures, letters and numbers outside and some of the boys enjoyed a game of hopscotch outside.

Our educational visit this week took us to a huge park where we enjoyed running, spinning, digging and playing with our friends whilst enjoying exploring the world around us.

The end of our week saw us move into our new classroom and we look forward to showing you pictures enjoying activities in our new classroom next week. 

Week 3


This week we have been looking at China and Chinese New year in Ally's class. We have enjoyed a range of activities and explored lots of different information about China. One of favourite activities was looking at the great wall of China and building our own great walls in class. We chose what building materials we wanted to use and tried to build the longest wall we possibly could! We had some amazing walls to look at and explore. It was impossible to choose the longest wall.

Also we enjoyed exploring how numbers and letters look in Chinese symbols. We have some amazing children who really enjoyed exploring the numbers and matching the numbers using number lines. Everybody wrote their name in Chinese symbols, it was tricky but everyone did a fantastic job.

We couldn't learn about Chinese New Year and not try some Chinese foods. Some children could say what they liked straight away, other children had a smell and taste of some new foods. We had the opportunity to explore and taste egg fried rice, chicken noodles, vegetable spring rolls and some chicken noodle soup. All of the children who wanted to taste new foods had their own plate with Chinese foods on. They could recognise what they did and did not like. 

Our focus this week in our sensory has been recognising emotions. Also how these emotions make us feel and what we can do when we feel a certain way. We read a brilliant story called 'My magic breath' which looked at breathing and blowing out happy and sad thoughts. Everybody in Ally's class took part and really practised their breathing and recognising happy and sad thoughts. 

We ended the week with our Bake sale. A huge thank you to everybody that sent in donations with their children. Our class did an amazing job of helping to bake the cakes and round up customers today! We can't wait to take the children shopping so they can use the money to equip our new sensory kitchen and we can hopefully make some more yummy treats! 


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Week 2


This week our theme has been 'the seasons' we have enjoyed reading the stories Snowball, the little snowflake and Seren's seasons.

The children have enjoyed a range of sensory activities linked to the seasons, we made colourful clouds practising our fine motor skills to drop coloured water onto our clouds. We made our own snowballs using mouldable foam and hid toys in them for our friends to find. The children enjoyed filling and emptying water beads in different sized containers and explored water beads that had been frozen. Some of the children made winter models using Lego and Duplo and they were really proud of these. 

We also enjoyed playing season games on the board this week and identifying what clothing is needed for different weather and guessing what the season is based on what people are wearing. 

Ally's class also shared what they think is important to have inside their classroom and in their outdoor area. This is so we can develop our provision around what the children like and want, especially when we set up our classroom. 

Week 1


This week we enjoyed welcoming all the children back to school. Our topic this week has been winter and we have read the stories 'One snowy night' and 'The sneezy snowman'. 

We have enjoyed winter themed messy play using foam and we practised our writing in the foam. Some of us copied line patterns and others thought of 'winter words' and wrote them in the foam. We also enjoyed making snowflake patterns using flour and snowflake templates.

The children made some salt snowflakes by making a snowflake pattern using glue. We then added some salt and used water droppers to add coloured water which moved along the salt and made some lovely patterns. 

During our sensory baking session we made some melted snowman biscuits, the children mixed their own icing. They used a picture to show them how to make the biscuit. Everyone made a biscuit and added decorations to their melted snowman using chocolate sticks for arms and icing for the face and buttons. 

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