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Helen's Class


We are a class full of playful characters.  We love learning through sensory experiences and play.  We all dance to the beat of our own drum, each well-loved and celebrated in our class and in our school.  Our pre-formal curriculum has three main areas of focus.  These are:  Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning and Physical and Sensory.    We are always working on everything!  We love to engage in our varied activities that include, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, forest school, massage, MOVE and play in the sensory garden.  We work hard with lots of different specialists and equipment to learn about our bodies and all of the brilliant things we can do with them, developing our physical functional movement in challenging and fun ways.   



We have had a lovely week in Helen’s class this week. We were very excited to get a visit from Lola and her dad on Monday! We also got some fresh air on a community walk. We have been busy with rebound therapy with Kayleigh, lots of playtime outside enjoying the sunshine in our walking frames and we had fun at twinkle house in hydrotherapy and the immersive suite. We are ending the week with our story massage session. 


We have done lots of fun things this week.  We have spent time in class and outside in our walking frames with Dougie the school doggy.  We had a great time at hydrotherapy at Twinkle House- even trying new swim skills - kicking our legs lying on our backs and fronts.  We’ve spent time exploring different toys and had some great time chatting to our friend at home on zoom.  We even had our friends pet dog Charlie say hi to Dougie! 


Happy new year everyone!  We have all been really happy to see our friends in school and on zoom and have had a busy first few days this week.  We’ve been making edible crowns and doing activities linked to the Epiphany and have been out and about in our walking frames outside.  We’ve enjoyed chill time on the swings, listening to classical music and having down time with our friends.  A great start to our new term. 👍


Happy Christmas everyone!
This week we have enjoyed our Christmas party, dancing in walking frames and playing pass the parcel.  We have also enjoyed completing our other Christmas activities and our nativity sensory drama sessions.


It’s been all about Christmas, Christmas outfits, Christmas donkeys, and a Christmas star in Helen’s class.  This week we have been filming for our Christmas production, we had fun together at our Christmas dinner and dance and have completed some of our Christmas crafts.  🎄🎄🎄


This week in Helen’s class Christmas has started!  We made reindeer food and loved exploring the ingredients with our hands and by tasting.  Chocolate orange shreds went down very well!  We had more happy chats with our friend over zoom and have been singing and signing Christmas songs.  In our sensory story we had fun exploring the Christmas gifts on Santa’s list most liking the light up drum and lots and lots of bubbles.   



We’ve been up to all sorts this week in Helen’s Class.  We explored different spices and took prints to create autumn spice paintings, explored leaves and twigs and returned to our sensory story ‘Please be Quiet’.  We have enjoyed seeing our friend at home over zoom and have had lovely chats with her.  Next week we will be starting our Christmas activities! 

What a fun time we’ve had in Helen’s class this week! We have spent time exploring the sensory stories Please Be Quiet and Room on the Broom and chilled with our friends on the carpet. We had fun in forest school making popcorn over a fire with Janine and painting our very own Pudsey Bears. 


We have had a lovely relaxed time in Helen’s class this week. We painted poppy pictures using bubble wrap and worked hard on our MOVE programmes. We have also played games and spent quality time with Dougie, our therapy dog and had some lovely quiet time with light and dark sessions and story massage. 


We’ve had an exciting week in Helen’s class! We have enjoyed getting involved in sensory stories by becoming witches in Room on the Broom and setting off ‘fireworks’ in our bonfire night sensory story. We have been busy making firework biscuits and bonfire pictures too! We have also enjoyed sitting together and chatting away.

Happy Halloween!  We’ve had lots of Halloween fun this week.  We went for a walk to go trick-a-treating around school and outside to pick our own pumpkin.  We explored and decorated them and dressed up for the day with the rest of our friends in school. We’ve also been working with our touchscreens to choose and activate songs and to splat scary monsters and ghosts!  

We have had an exciting time in Helen’s class this week! We have had fun on the jump-o-lene, splashed around in the hydrotherapy pool and sang nursery rhymes and blew raspberries in the immersive suite at Twinkle House. We have also enjoyed jelly play, walks in the playground at playtime and making Sesame Laddus in sensory baking.


This week we’ve had fun doing lots of things including having turns on our new jump-O-lene, enjoyed a trip to the garden centre, played with ‘My Many Coloured Paints’ and experienced a virtual Jungle at Twinkle House!

Friday 1st October

We have had another busy and fun week in Helen's class! This week we welcomed our new friend Oscar into class. We have enjoyed rebound therapy and our weekly visit to Twinkle House. We also had fun exploring the succulents and having breakfast at Warbreck Garden Centre as well as chilling out with some lovely light and dark sessions and exploring icing sugar, water and food colouring as part of our topic Our Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss.


It’s been another busy week this week in Helen’s class.  We had our first turn in the immersive suite at Twinkle House, we enjoyed this very much and played with an interactive bath full of rubber ducks and experienced a virtual sunset at the beach!  We made Mr. Twit’s worm spaghetti in sensory baking (as it was Roald Dahl day recently).  Pasta, tomatoes both fresh and tinned were explored with fruity jelly worms and some sour ones too!  We also had a good explore of shiny paper and sand linked to talk like a pirate day whilst listening to some sea shanties - a very varied week indeed!  

We’ve had a fun and busy couple of weeks in Helen’s class. Highlights include trying out our new bikes - the first time on a bike for some of us!  Brilliant!  We’ve been to Twinkle House for our first hydrotherapy session and play in the sensory room and enjoyed settling back into school life with our friends.

We love sensory baking - we explore the ingredients by touch, smell, taste and then we make something yummy to eat

We have been looking at Spring and Summer in particular Sun flowers

For National Bee Day we made some lovely bee hand prints

Sensory Story- This term we have been working on the sensory story The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet

Enrichment - as part of our enrichment we look at religious holidays this term we looked at Eid

Sensory Massage - we have a list of music and perform different strokes to music. Both staff and children really enjoy this session.

Spring term 2021 


This term has been great getting back into a routine and doing some lovely activities.



Dear Parents and Carers,


We have put together a list of suggestions and links to online resources that might be useful for things to do at home, especially if the weather isn’t welcoming enough to go outside!  It is not at all expected that these resources be accessed or used as we know that you all have great ideas of what to do with your children at home. 

If you’d like to share photographs, messages or videos via our Evidence for Learning app, Facebook page or Blue Frogs class e-mail we’d love to see them.

We are all missing our Blue Frog family very much!

Stay safe, take care and we look forward to this being over so we can see you all again.

If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact me via the Blue frogs E-mail address.


Helen and the Blue Frogs team  

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  • Headteacher: Katie Lyon
  • Deputy Head: Acting Deputy Head Ruth Watkinson

Term dates

Spring Term 1 Begins - Wednesday 5th January 2022

Spring Term 1 Ends - Thursday 10th February 2022

Spring Term 2 Begins - Monday 21st February 2022

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