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Autumn Term 1

Week beginning:- 17th October 2022

We have had a great last week to this half term.  We started the week with parachute games in the hall.  
We have been reading the book ‘Funnybones’ and completed lots of activities around the book.  We have labelled skeletons, made characters from the story and completed some creative writing.
We have enjoyed playing new turn taking games with our friends.  We have learnt that we all have different skills and that we can teach our friends the skills that we can do.

We had a lovely walk up Ashurst Beacon.  We found lots of pine cones.  We played on the parks and had our lunch on the picnic benches.  
We have been in the light room, soft play, on the sensory playground, and played on the bikes.

We enjoyed carving the pumpkins and getting the spiders out of the ice lollies!
Our week ended with our families coming into school to see what we are doing and to officially open the sensory playground!

Have a lovely half term Emma’s Class.

Week beginning-: 10th October 2022 


This week we have been thinking about positive things that we can think about each other. The children had to write down nice things about their friends. We have also had our first Forest school with Ruth! The children had so much fun making their own potions! 

We have also been looking at differences that we each have, we looked at our height, and our physical differences in appearance! Yesterday we helped to clean our classroom, we learned how to clean our class fridge and microwave and keep our classroom clean and safe. 

We have also enjoyed soft play, light room, sensory playground and swimming on Friday! We are so impressed with how well are children are doing at swimming and how confident they all are! 
A very lovely week Emma’s Class!

Week beginning:- 3rd October 2022


We started our week by choosing whether to go litter picking around school or play turn taking games.  We then enjoyed Sensory PE and really enjoyed the parachute games.  We learnt all about emotions and what we can do if we are not feeling ok.  We practiced deep breathing, massage, playing with play dough, building and counting, bouncing on the trampoline, threading beads, and drawing around objects.  We enjoyed a sensory soft play session.


On Tuesday we learnt all about World Animal Day.  We played lots of fun games and matching animals.  We wrote all about our favourite animal and how to look after them.


On Wednesday we learnt how to look after Dougie, our therapy dog.  We groomed him, fed him and even brushed his teeth!  We enjoyed playing turn taking games and then went for a walk up the beacon in the afternoon.


On Thursday we had our Attention Autism session and sensory light room session.  We then played some emotion matching games.  In the afternoon we read our reading books and went on the sensory playground.

A super week Emma’s Class!



Week beginning:- 26th September 2022


We started the week by celebrating Rosh Hashanah.  We learnt about the Jewish festival, made and ate honey biscuits, made a card, and printed apples onto an apple.  

On Tuesday we celebrated European Day of Languages.  We learnt about why we celebrate it and played a game that took us around the world.  Later on we learnt about France.  We learnt some words in French and created a passport to go to France.


On Wednesday we really enjoyed a day of baking!  We made spaghetti bolognaise, fruit salad, croissants, and a cake.  They were delicious!


On Thursday we thought about our senses.  We felt things, we smelt things and we tasted things!  We used our eyes to help us to solve jigsaw puzzles.


We have enjoyed talking and writing about what we have been doing at home.  We have spent some time in the light room, soft play, on the bikes and sensory playground.  We have read with our teachers and completed attention autism.  

We always end our week with a swimming lesson on Friday morning.


An amazing week Emma’s class!



Week Beginning:- 19th September 2022


We have had a lovely week this week.  We finished our self portraits and wrote a profile to go with them.

We have been learning all about how to look after ourselves.  We learnt that we can talk to others about how we are feeling, eat a balanced diet, exercise, look after our personal hygiene, think about what to wear depending on what the weather is like, and get plenty of rest and sleep.  We enjoyed brushing our teeth and went to the shop to buy some deodorant.  

In Attention Autism we learnt that our class is our school family and then created our own family trees.  

We have read books, answered questions about them, been to the light room, soft play, played on the bikes and been to our sensory playground.


We are enjoying having access to an outdoor area from our classroom.


On Friday we went swimming and really impressed our swimming teacher with our growing confidence in the pool.  Most of Emma’s class can swim lengths of the big pool - this is amazing!


Everyone has worked very hard!  


Week Beginning:- 12th September 2022

Welcome back to Emma’s Class!  We have had a great first week to our new school year.  We have enjoyed playing with each other and getting to know each other.  Our classroom has changed!  We now have a sensory room and access to an outdoor area.  We have been reading ‘The Colour Monster’ and thinking about how different things make us feel.  We have started to create a self portrait and painted it.  


We have enjoyed time in soft play, the light room and playing in our sensory playground.


We celebrated ‘World First Aid’ day.  We explored how to put a bandage on, how to put a sling on, what to do if someone has collapsed, how to put someone in the recovery position, and CPR.


We celebrated ‘World Democracy’ day and debated whether we should wear school uniform or not!

On Wednesday we went out on the mini bus.  We went to Crosby Lakeside and played in the park.  We had a picnic lunch and then went for a walk to the beach where we met the Iron Men and had fun playing with the sand.


Our week ended with swimming.  We enjoyed the lesson and listened very well.  

An amazing first week Emma’s Class!



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Autumn Term 1 Ends - Friday 20th October 2023

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