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Summer term 2 2024

Week 2

We have had a fantastic week this week!

This week we continued with our story 'Sharing a Shell'. The children have explored resources linked to the story and used visual communication boards to make comments about 'who' and 'what' they can see in the story.

We have explored Lego Therapy, the children did amazingly well understanding positional language and colours. 

They have explored numbers and colours through counting objects and using grids to count out a number of objects. We also explored stacking and shape sorting activities. The children have really enjoyed exploring puzzles this week.

Our community walk was to Sandy Lane park, the children are becoming more familiar with the local community and our route to the park. They are also doing extremely well at learning to walk with adults when out, waiting to cross the road and even looking for cars.

At swimming this week the main focus was on kicking our legs, moving our arms and doing a star float on their back. The children accepted support from familiar adults to help them move on their front, back and to float. 

We have also done some Father's day crafts this week, making cards and pictures for the special men in our lives. The children made dinosaur themed cards, choosing a dinosaur shape and doing handprints from the dinosaurs spikes. 

This week the children went out on the bus to Rainford park and Bickerstaffe park, they really enjoy going out on the bus and had lots of fun exploring the equipment.

The children have explored mark making by colouring, tracing pre writing patterns and their names this week. They also did some fine motor activities using playdough and cutting the playdough dinosaur spikes using squeezy scissors. 

It was lovely to welcome the special men in our children's lives to school on Friday, we hope you all had as much fun as we did! Thank you for coming. 


Week 1

It was so lovely to see everyone back this week. We had a lovely week and did lots of activities. Our theme for this half term is 'Splash!' We will be exploring different stories relating to all things water related. Our story this week and next week is Sharing a Shell, we have had some sand and water play to explore rockpools this week. 

This week at swimming we got to explore some new inflatables during our choose time, which was very exciting. Everybody explored them in some way. On the sensory playground we played with our friends and used communication boards to express what we wanted. 

The children enjoyed Sensology in small groups, exploring their senses using different sensory items. We explored World Ocean's day through playdough and using under the sea animal cutters to make playdough shapes. They also enjoyed using different colours of blue, green, silver and white to make Ocean pictures using paintbrushes and textured scrapers. 

We did some amazing mark making, practising our pencil control. Some children traced pre writing shapes and everybody enjoyed colouring a hermit crab picture. The children also got to experience our new light room for the first time, it was very exciting and there are lots of interactive elements to explore. Everybody had a great time and did some fantastic exploring and sharing with friends. 

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