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Eddie's Class

21st January 2022


This week has been a fun-packed week! We have been busy participating in a range of activities. Here are some of them:


- Attention Autism 

- Swimming

- Art and Crafts

- Bike riding 

- Read a Rain, Sun and Shine and completed activities relating to weather

- Followed instructions to make hot chocolate and trifle 

- Learning about weather and general Makaton signs

- Lots of learning through play

14th January 2022


This week we have started our new Topic and have began to learn about weather. We also enjoyed these activities:


- Reading The Stickman sensory story and completing lots of activities relating to this, e.g. mark making, cutting skills, etc. 

-  Reading Pirate Boy and having activities relating to the story - walking the plank, role play, counting coins, pirate baking, etc. 

- Music

- Road safety 

- Attention Autism

- Lots of personal learning outcomes through the curriculum 

- And lots lots more!

7th January 2022


The children have had a super first week back in school. It has been a short week but we have still participated in lots of activities:


- Following instructions to make bread and beans on toast

- Attention Autism 

- PE - climbing and jumping safely

- Road safety

- Thrive activities - exploring out emotions and painting 

- Learning through play

Next week we are starting out new topic! 

17th December 2021


Merry Christmas everyone we hope you enjoy our Christmas song. I’ve sent it via Evidence For Learning. Have a lovely holiday.



This week our theme has been winter. Here of some the activities that we have enjoyed:


- Reading a winter sensory poem

- Making hot chocolate, Christmas biscuits and a Christmas dinner and bird feeders

- Our Christmas play

- Lots of Attention Autism 

- Visiting Christmas lights

- Learning though play

- Lego Therapy

- Forest School

- Number activities in the light room




It’s December!! Which means we have lots of festive learning taking place. Here are a selection of activities from this week:


- Read the sensory story Jack and the Beanstalk and had activities relating to this

- Dough gym

- Attention Autism - learning to wash and dry our hair

- Making Christmas potions 

- Forest School

- Christmas themed PE sessions

- We made chilli con carne

- Christmas play rehearsals 

- Lots of learning through play

We have had another fun week in class. Here is a selection of activities that we have participated in:


- Listened to different audiobooks

- Parachute play

- We made soup and brownies

- Learning how to cross the road

- Lots of Attention Autism, sensory stories and play!




Here are a selection of the activities that we have participated in this week in class:


- Learning how to make simple meals - toast, bagels, cheese sandwiches 

- Fine motor activities- threading, dough gym, etc

- Forest School - created a fire and ate popcorn

-Lots of Attention Autism sessions 

- The children voted to read the Three Little Pigs. We then had lots of fun activities relating to this (role play, retelling using puppets, making houses, ordering numbers)

- Lots of learning through play



We have had another action packed week. Here are some of the activities that the children have enjoyed:


- Reading traditional tales and completing activities around these

- Planting for Autumn

- Diwali and Remembrance 

- Attention Autism 

- Baking 

- Lego therapy 

- Learning through play




We have had a great first week back in school. Here are a few of the things we have been learning about:


- Lego Therapy 

- How to make simple meals and follow instructions 

- Creating bonfires using leaves different coloured paper

- We read Gordon’s great escape and completed lots of activities based on the book - emotions, filling up balloons with different liquids

- Road safety

- Sensory PE

- Lots of learning through play and messy play




The children and staff have loved our Halloween themed week in class! Here are some of the activities:


- Halloween baking

- Thrive activities including painting and drawing 

- Pumpkin picking 

- Dressing up and role play

- Making potions 

- We read lots of stories.

- Signed the story Room on the Broom

- Lots and lots of messy play




Another fun and exciting week in our class. Here are a few of the activities we have participated in:


- Makaton signing 

-  We read the Sensory Story - Kitchen Disco and participated in lots of activities around this including, healthy eating, art, sensory PE, writing etc

- Lego Therapy

- Swimming 

- Forest School





We have had another fun week engaging in different activities. Here are a few of them:


- Learning about the parts of the body

- Bike riding

- How to cross a road safely 

- Sensory stories and activities relating to Elmer & Elmer’s Parade 

- Turn taking 

-  Emotions and mindfulness 






We have had another super week in class. Here a few of the activities we have participated in:


- Changing seasons

- Baking brownies 

- Emotional literacy 

- Brushing teeth

- Lego Therapy 

- How to put a seat belt on

- Listening activities 

- The days of the week

- Swimming 



This week we have been very busy completing lots of different activities:


Reading stories relating to our new topic and following instructions

PE  - multi skills 

Life Skills - baking, riding bikes and washing hands


Messy Play

Dough Gym 

Lego Therapy 




We are an active class who are always on the go.  We learn best through play and real-life experiences. We enjoy Swimming, Rebound Therapy, Forest School, Outdoor Learning, Community Walks and Visits and lots of Messy Sensory Play! We work hard and play hard too!! 

Our curriculum focuses on Social Interaction, Communication, Emotional Regulation, Sensory Difficulties and Independence skills and is delivered through a mixture of informal and semi-formal, sensory play-based learning. 

Summer 2021!


Welcome back! We are so happy to all be back all together after lockdown 3.0! 

We have lots of fun planned this term, our topic is ‘Our Wonderful World’ where we will be looking at habitats, animals and dinosaurs.


Planting Tomato Seeds.

Spring 2021.


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Our term hasn't started the way we would have liked, but we will get through the next few uncertain weeks the way we have done for the last year... TOGETHER!


When the children are in school we will be continuing to work on their personal learning outcomes (PLOs) and keeping our routine and learning as 'normal' as we can possibly make it.


For when the children are at home we will be setting home learning activities and posting videos of activities via EFL.  If appropriate we will also post or deliver work or equipment to support the children.


We completely understand that these are difficult, trying and tiring times for everyone so please do not feel pressured to complete these activities, you know your children best and you need to do what is right for you as a family at home.


Don't forget to keep uploading photos and videos onto EFL to show us what you have been up to!!


Please contact us via our class email if you have any questions or need support 


Michelle and the P2 Team 

Home Learning Week Commencing 08.02.2021

Home Learning Plan 01.02.2021

Home Learning Plan Week Commencing 25.01.2021

Home Learning Activities For Week Commencing 18.01.2021

Welcome to Purple Frogs 2019-20


Coivd 19 Update.


Dear Parents and Carers,


We understand that these are uncertain times that we are experiencing and we are here to support you and your families in any way that we can.


We have emailed out a list of activities that can be completed at home along with useful websites and information.  This is in no means a 'to do' list as we know you will have lots of great ideas and you know what works best for your child. Please do not feel that you must do these activities, do whatever you feel is best for you and your family at this very challenging time. 


I will also be emailing and posting videos of Attention Autism, Sensory Stories and any other ideas that you can watch with your children or have a go at yourself.  Again we do not expect you to do this, we are just providing ideas which may help.  Please do not feel that you must do these we don't expect you to try and re-create school at home.  

However, We would love to see what you are all up while at home so please send photographs let us know how how you are getting on via our Evidence for Learning app! 


Please stay safe and take care, we know how difficult this time is for everyone. Please you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact me via the purple frogs email address. We miss you and look forward to seeing you all once this is over.


Purple Frogs 2 Team

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Spring Term 1 Ends - Thursday 10th February 2022

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