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Yellow Frogs 2019-2020




Dear Parents and Carers,


As many of you are at home now due to the outbreak, please find below a list of home learning suggestions. This is in no way a 'to do list' as we know you will have loads of great ideas at home already. Please do not feel that you must do these activities, do whatever you feel is best for you and your family at this very challenging time. 


We hope that these activities are useful and we would love to see photographs and to hear how you are getting on via our Evidence for Learning app! 


Hopefully the weather will remain beautiful so the children can play outside as much as possible. As long as we are all adhering to the social distancing guidelines any outdoor time is great! 


Please stay safe and take care, we know how challenging this time is to everyone. We look forward to this all being over and seeing you all once again. 


If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact me via the Yellow Frogs E-mail address. 


Yellow Frogs Team

Spring Term 2020


We have all settled back into school very well after our Christmas break. We have started our new topic    'Our Growing World' During this half term we will be focusing and having lots of fun learning about Australia, Spain/Mexico, France and Italy. We will be continuing with our Educational Visits, P.E, Swimming and Rebound Therapy.






Sensory P.E 


The past couple of weeks we have been having lots of fun in sensory P.E exploring different ways in which we can travel on the equipment. We used our bodies to slide along a bench, used the body board weave/drive around cones and used our bodies to be a bowling ball and knock down the skittles. We really enjoyed it. We also had the other sensory equipment to use, engaging in our sensory diets. Some of us also worked with Nic during the session working on our MOVE targets.

Christmas in Yellow Frogs



We have had lots of fun in Yellow Frogs this Christmas. We have enjoyed doing lots of Christmas crafts, a trip to Frankie and Bennies, Christmas baking and a fantastic Christmas Party with a visit from Father Christmas, he brought us some lovely gifts.

                 Autumn Term


Our topic this term is "All About Me - Helping Hands" 




Week 6


This week as part of our topic activities we has lots of fun giving our class dolls/babies a bath.

Week 5


This week in topic we have enjoyed engaging in lots of different activities. We looked at and then chose a healthy snack that we would like to eat. With adult supervision we then used a chopping board and knife to cut up our own healthy snack.

We have also had fun writing our names and mark making with shaving foam . We got very messy but had lots of fun!

Week 4

This week in topic we began to learn all about ourselves, we played hairdressers with the dolls, washing and brushing their hair. We had lots of fun doing this. 

We had fun looking at our faces and features in mirrors and making paper plate self portraits using different materials.

We have also been practising our fine motors skills, making faces with playdoh.



Rebound Therapy, Physical and Sensory

Week 6 


This week Ninja Warrior came to our school. We took part in a very fun Ninja Warrior experience. Jonny and Wendy set up lots of adventurous equipment for us to explore. It was fantastic we all had a really good time. 

Take a look at our photos on the slide show below!



Week 4

We have enjoyed lots of time engaging in Rebound therapy, Physical and Sensory activities.



                         Educational Visits

Week 6


On Thursday we went to visit Karl the barber at "Grooming Guru's" hair salon in Burscough. While we was there we had so much fun exploring the equipment hairdressers and barbers use and we also enjoyed doing each others hair using combs, brushes and the hairdryer. 


Check out the slide show below to see all the fun we had!


Week 5 


This week Purple Group went to Asda to buy our class snack and shampoo for our class dolls. We looked out for the items we needed on our shopping list, put them in our basket and took them to the check out. We had lots of fun doing our class shop.

Yellow Frogs 2018-2019

Today was World Book day! We went to Waterstones to get a book, we decided which one we wanted and exchanged our token. We love our new books!
Yellow Frogs have been looking at bears for their topic this term. We brought our teddy bears to school for a picnic.

Teddy bear picnic!

Hello! We are Yellow Frogs

We went to Meresands Woods to discover some signs of autumn (October/November 2018)

Halloween & Bonfire Night celebrations - We enjoyed dressing up for our Halloween disco & masking traditional treats (chocolate apples, hot dogs & firework cookies)

We went Pumpkin Picking to buy a pumpkin for our Halloween celebrations

Our Topic this term is 'Busy Bodies' - we have been learning about all of the different parts of our bodies and their functions. 

We have been talking about the functions of our hands and feet. We made lovely prints of our hands and feet by dipping them in paint and printing onto paper!

We've been exploring our 5 main senses - touch, taste, hear, sight & smell. We used all of these 5 senses to describe objects in our environment and to observe the changes in jelly as we melted and set it.

We made smiley face cookies when learning about our facial features and naming parts of our faces!

We love water play! Water Play provides hours of rich and valuable early childhood experiences to develop children's creativity and imagination. ... It helps children develop eye-hand coordination and mathematical and scientific concepts. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation.

frown ​​​​​​Yellow Frogs 2017 - 2018 frown

Summer 2018

Our Topic this term is 'Growth & Change'. We will be exploring the changes that living things experience in their life cycles. 

The children have made drums, planes, cars, beds & trains out of some old cardboard boxes! Cardboard box play is important to support and develop children's gross motor skills. This type of play provides opportunities for children to use and develop their imagination and creative skills. It especially supports children’s sensory needs by allowing them to make large structures and knock them down safely, ripping and tearing of card board boxes supporting the proprioceptive senses in their bodies allowing the children to know their own muscle tone, movements and body and joint positions allowing the brain to know where each body part is and how it is moving, by making a den area using card board boxes allows children to have a calm and secure area. Not only is box play fun and exciting it helps to stimulate two important senses whichh are the vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Box play allows children to have whatever toy/resource they want enabling them to play whatever game they want to play. This allows spontaneous play, self-opportunity to allow them to play freely which is vital to their health and well-being and development.

We had a royal wedding of our own - we celebrated by making crowns, designing our own wedding cakes and outfits, making jam sandwiches and chocolate strawberries, playing 'pin the crown on the princess' and having a royal party.

We made bread just like the little red hen - it was yummy!

we learned how food grows and changes from seed to product through the story of the little red hen

We have been exploring the growth of plants - we read Jack and the beanstalk and planted our own beans

We have been learning about capacity

we know how to keep our teeth healthy