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June 2020

Lots of the children have been busy at home recently. Check out their photographs.



Dear parents/carers,


We understand that these are uncertain times that we are experiencing and we are here to support you and your families in any way that we can.


I have emailed everyone useful links for home learning. All the activities that I have provided and haved suggested will be optional.


However, if you would like to send any completed work to us then please send any pictures of activities/work via email or EFL - I would love to see what you get up to whilst you are staying at home. Please contact me via email if you need anything else.


Stay safe,

White Frogs 

Friday 6th March


On Friday 6th March, White Frogs, took part in a Street Dance event with Brookfield Park. The children were taught a sequence of moves and then performed them. The dancing was a little tricky but everyone persevered, tried their best and had a lovely time.

11th February 2020

This term our topic is 'All Around the World'. We have learnt about; China, Australia, France, Spain and Thailand. Today during Computing, we used a 'green screen' to project images of ourselves around the world. 

24th January 2020

Over the past few months, the children have enjoyed Lego Therapy. So far, we have seen an increase in effective communication. The children have worked hard with turn taking and sharing. During free time, the children have made some incredible models! 



Today we participated in Mindfulness Photography. First, we learnt how to take pictures. We then took photographs of objects that we found interesting and tried to concentrate on them. We then shared our favourite pictures with our friends. 

18th December 2019

Today White Frogs did an amazing job performing in the Christmas nativity! Merry Christmas from all of White Frogs! 

22nd November 2019

The children in white frogs participate in multiple well-being activities each week. Today, we worked in pairs to complete a yoga session. 

20th November 2019

Today we hosted a community event. Children from local GLD Schools enjoyed participating in orienteering and multi skills. They made lots of new friends and worked together to develop their teamwork skills. 

30th October 2019

White frogs went pumpkin picking during their educational visit. They had a great time, and worked well in teams looking for the best pumpkin. 

10th October 2019

White Frogs enjoyed meeting Ninja Warrior and were able to complete the Ninja Warrior circuit!  

3rd October 2019

Some children from white frogs had the opportunity to represent white frogs at a community dance party!

September 2019-July 2020

Welcome to the White Frogs class of 2019! 

1st October 2019

This week at Rock and River, everyone had lots of fun on the low ropes!
This week at Rock and River we had lots of fun Canoeing, we got very wet! We also enjoyed Archery.

Over the next six weeks White Frogs will participate in a variety of OAA activities at Rock and River.

Today we enjoyed den building and the climbing wall.

19th June 2019

Thanks to @plcommunities and @footballfoundtn for the PE equipment! It will help the children so much!

7th June 2019

This week in English, we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction. Today, we created our own news report! Here are some of the stories:


- Kingsbury child hits 1 million subscribers on Youtube

- Aliens from Mars invade Russia

- Dinosaurs invade Kingsbury School

- Cheerleaders travel to Brazil for upcoming event

- Kingsbury child arrested

-  Meteor destroys a village

Today, we were very lucky to have Ninja Warrior in school. We participated in our very own Ninja Warrior circuit!! 


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10th February 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!
Today, we were joined by Little Digmoor, Crow Orchard and Brookfield Park. We enjoyed trampolining and a range of gymnastics events. 

21st November 2018

Today, some children in White Frogs participated in an orienteering and multi skills event at Kingsbury School. 

2nd November 2018

Happy Halloween! This afternoon we got dressed in our costumes and had a party.
This week at Rock and River we engaged in the 'Low Ropes'.
Today at Rock and River we participated in climbing and archery!

Over the next six weeks White Frogs will paricipate in a variety of OAA activities at Rock and River. Today we enjoyed shooting and navigating across a pond.



September 2018

Welcome back! This is White Frogs 2018-2019. Over the past week we have been getting to know our new friends within the classroom. We all look forward to a fantastic year. 

July 2018

Today's Educational Visit involved taking a trip to Bygone Times in Eccleston. We explored the antiques and the World War 2 collectables.

18th June 2018

This half term our topic is World War 2. Today we visited Manchester Imperial War Museum. We enjoyed getting our picture taken next to the tank!

22nd March 2018

Today White Frogs walked with KS2 children from Brookfield Park to Lathom High School. This was to raise money for Sport Relief. Both schools participated in a cross country one mile run to raise funds for the charity! Thank you to everyone involved.
Today was our last session at Rock and River. Orienteering and canoeing!
Today at Rock and River we enjoyed a nature walk and the zip line!! 
Rock and River week 4 - Low ropes

11th January 2018

This half term White Frogs Education Visits will be replaced by weekly visits to 'Rock and River'. We will be experiencing a variety of activities!!

24th November 2017

This half term our topic is Lapland. This week we have been learning about weather. The children worked hard to compare and contrast the weather in the UK and Lapland. We loved being weather forecasters and performing to the class.

27th October 2017

Happy Halloween! We have had a super first half term in our new class. 

September 2017

Welcome to White Frogs 2017-2018! We are busy settling into our new classroom and we are looking forward to an amazing year.

White Frogs 2017 - 2018

Some of our pupils took part in the GLD Football Tournament at Pendle

'Wild Science' Day


We had a visit from 'Wild Science' and met Milli the Millipede, Coco the Cockroach, Gerry the Gerbil, Jake the Guinea Pig and a Bearded Dragon. The children enjoyed touching and holding all the different animals and creatures. 

The Great Fire of London


              For topic this term we have been learning about 'The Great Fire of London'. We have learnt all about how the fire started, Samuel Pepys and what happened after the fire. The children have found this topic very interesting and have had some great questions for us! 

              We all made a model of a house which we added to our street before we started the fire in the bakery! The children loved watching the fire progress and understanding how quickly it spread. Luckily Eddie was on hand to put the fire out. What a great experience!



We met Baby Olly! Olly was born to TA Laura three weeks ago, she brought him in to visit us. Olly was an absolute superstar and enjoyed cuddles with the class!



Happy Easter!

Red Nose Day

February 2017

Today some children in White Frogs were invited to 'Lancashire New Age Kurling' event at Sir Tom Finney Community Primary School. The children involved, worked extremely hard and won the under 11s tournament. Well done!!! 

February 2017

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. In PE today we worked in teams to create a special dance! 
The topic in White Frogs this half term is'Dinosaurs'. So far we have had lots of fun doing different activities including; making fossils, being paleontologists, going to Liverpool Musuem and creating our own non fiction booklet! 
Today in White Frogs we have learnt how to play the saxophone! 

October 2016

White Frogs visited Poplar Farm in Halsall to pick pumpkins during our Educational visit. Happy Halloween from all the children and staff in White Frogs! 

13th October 2016

Today some children in White Frogs and Green Frogs were lucky enough to be invited to a gymnastics event at Lancashire Gymnastics Centre. The children learned how to use equipment such as; trampettes, trampolines, beemats and balancing beams. 

13th September 2016

Welcome back! This is White Frogs 2016. Over the past week we have been getting to know our new friends within the classroom. We all look forward to a fantastic year. 

Welcome to White Frogs 2016 - 2017

Friday 15th July 2016

This week White Frogs had there summer trip to Lazer Quest at the Trafford Centre. We had lots of fun!

24th June 2016

Some of the children in White Frogs represented Kingsbury School at Pendle View's recent football tournament. We had a great time and came runners up! 
This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity. The children followed instructions in order to make a potion, we had great fun!
Today, some of the children in White Frogs were invited to join Delphside Primary School for an Orienteering event. We had a fabulous time working together with our new friends; map reading and carrying out team challenges. We are looking forward to the next event!

12th April 2016

This week in Mathematics we have been learning how to read and write times on an analogue and digital clock. In this activity, a time was shouted and the children had to work as a team in order to position themselves in the correct time! 
This term our topic is recycling. The children have used recycled plastic bottles to make a Mother's Day present.
This week in White Frogs we have been learning to identify shape properties. To support our learning we went on a 'Shape Hunt' in Ormskirk! 

14th January 2016

This term our topic is 'Neil Armstrong'. On Monday we visited Liverpool National Museum to learn about the solar system and different planets. We enjoyed looking at the different sections in the museum. It was a great day!


18th December 2015

Merry Christmas from everybody at White Frogs!

2nd December 2015

Today, we learnt about the importance of the Christingle Celebration in the Christian Faith. In small groups, we made our own Christingle which is made of an orange, a lighted candle, a red ribbon and dried fruit and sweets on cocktail sticks. We then learnt the meaning of each part.

24th November 2015

Today during PE we participated in orienteering. We worked as a team and was given a special orienteering map and had to locate the control points. 

04th November 2015

This week the children have been learning about Guy Fawkes and how to stay safe during Bonfire Night. This is our Bonfire safety posters we produced in ICT.

22nd November 2015

Today, the children went to McDonalds to enjoy a reward for all their hard work during the first half term!  

Instruction Writing - 7th October 2015

This week in English we have been learning how to write a set of instructions. We enjoyed creating a 'shape animal' and wrote a set of instructions to match!



Today we participated in the 'Egg Drop Challenge'. We designed a container from everyday materials that would prevent an egg from breaking or cracking when dropped from a height. It was an "eggcellent" activity! 



This week we went on our first educational visit as 'White Frogs 2015'. We had a great time Withy Park Adventure Playground. We played great together; sharing taking turns and getting to know each other.  

Welcome to White Frogs 2015 - 2016

Have a good summer. See you in September!

Welcome to White Frogs!


Our topic this term is The Great Outdoors.

We have started the term off with looking at Christianity and important places for Christians.

We have also been looking at different types of places (towns, villages, cities, countryside).


On the 28.4.15 we worked in groups to complete jigsaws on a city and countryside scene as part of our topic lesson on comparing different places and using key words to describe the countryside (tree, hill, farm, flowers, fields) and city (buildings, cars, roads, people, busy).

We really enjoyed this activity and it was lovely to see the children helping their friends to find the pieces that they were looking for.

We have been carrying these jigsaws on in choose/ free time since this lesson.

Earlier on in the term we went on some walks around Skelmersdale to see the landscape of the countryside and some of the local landmarks. We visited The Concourse, Asda, St Pauls Church, the playing fields, War Memorial, Coronation Park and Beacon Point. We then went and looked at what plants we could see in our local area. We walked to the local church, over the park and around some of the different streets.

White Frogs really enjoyed Spanish Week. We made a tomato vine Pinata out of balloons and paper mache.

We tried chorizo, french stick bread and made a spanish omlette.

We were really good at the Flamenco dancing!

We were SO excited for the tomato throwing and couldn't wait to get our 'revenge' on the staff!

Happy Easter from everyone in White Frogs!

We have had a great Spring term in White Frogs!

Have a lovely Easter holidays and we'll see you next term.


We decided to take two selfies- a cheesy selfie and a funny selfie! 


Louise, Catherine, Jayne, Emma and all the children in White Frogs.

We have all really enjoyed our Easter activities. We made chocolate Rice Crispie cakes, we decorated hard boiled eggs, we made Easter cards and we went on an Easter Hunt around the school.

White Frogs had Firefighter John come to visit us on Thursday 26th March.

He showed us what smoke smelled like and what a smoke alarm sounds like.

We then talked about how to stay low to the floor (to get fresh air) in a smokey room and crawl out- we practised this using a big black sheet.

Then we looked at how to escape from houses if there was a fire.

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