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What people say...

Some quotes taken from our most recent Parental Questionnaire (2016): 

" The feeling of warmth as you enter."


"The school is fantastic for giving your child lots of great learning experiences."


" Communication is key and this school goes above and beyond to communicate and understand our child's needs."


"Children are well supported and cared for."


"Great teachers."


"Approachable staff, friendly atmosphere."


"Always thinking of child's individual needs and pushing child to their capability."


"Always strives to provide the best care to children and thinking outside the box."


"Treating children as individuals."


"Making everyone feel comfortable and welcome."


"Bringing the absolute best out in every child through learning, fun, care and encouragement and the partnership it has with parents."


"The varied way in which the curriculum is delivered and adapted for each child's needs."


"Commitment to the care and progression of each child as an individual."


"The school cares deeply about the children."


"Acknowledges the importance of parental involvement."



Quotes taken from our most recent OFSTED Report (March 2017): 


"You and your senior management have successfully guided the school through a number of changes.... You have ensured that outstanding standards have been maintained"


"Teaching and Support staff allow pupils greater thinking time when asked to solve problems in lessons so that they have become more independent in their learning." 


"Leaders and governors have ensured that safeguarding arrangements remains a strength of the school's work." 


"Because of professional development opportunities there are now specialist teachers to take a lead in training up other staff to meet the diverse needs of pupils." 


"There is a consistency of approach in how staff teams work together in planning to meet individual needs in lessons across different subjects." 


"The attitudes and engagement of pupils in their work are consistently good or better. Challenging behaviour incidents are decreasing because skilled staff work well together in line with the school's agreed policy." 


"The conduct of pupils in different contexts is outstanding. Supervision by staff is sensitively pitched to meet individual needs."


"Governors are knowledgeable about the school. They have an accurate, shared and strategic view of the direction they need to take for the school."