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Welcome to Red Frogs 2019-2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


We know that you will have lots of good ideas about how to support your child at home but just thought we’d put together some suggestions for this challenging time.  Please don’t feel that you must do these, it's not a list to work through – do whatever is best for your child and your family to get through these challenging times!  


Attached please find some activities that you might find helpful.  We hope that these are useful.  We’d love to see photographs and to hear how you're getting on via our Evidence for Learning app, or Facebook page!   


Hopefully the weather will remain kind to us so that the children can play outside.  As long as we are all adhering to the social distancing guidelines outdoor time is good! 


Stay safe, take care, we look forward to seeing you once this over! 


If you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact me via the red frogs E-mail address.


Red Frogs team  

Our topic this term is 'Life Around Us - Our Growing World'

Week 4 - We have been having fun playing with chocolate, marshmallows and rice krispies!

Week 3 - This week we have been playing with a crocodile. When we pushed in the teeth the crocodile's mouth would snap shut!

Week 2 - We have worked on our balance this week!

Week 1 - This week we have been playing with animals trapped in cold ice!

Week 6 - We have made some lovely hearts for Valentines Day!

Week 5 - We have been looking at giraffes this week! We coloured in some lovely pictures of giraffes and then stuck cheerios on top!

Week 4 - This week we have had so much fun on the obstacle course.

Week 3 - This week we have been trying lots of tasty fruit!

Week 2 - We have had an exciting week looking at pandas. We made play-doh out of cornflour and conditioner!

Week 1 - This week we have had a lovely week settling back in. We really enjoyed playing with rice!

Our topic this term is 'Helping Hands'

Week 8 - Merry Christmas!

Week 7 - We had a lovely time at Pizza Hut! The food was delicious!

Week 6 - This week we have been looking at wet raindrops and exploring sensory bottles!

Week 5 - We have enjoyed playing with marshmallow slime in red frogs this week!

Week 4 - Red frogs have loved playing with wibbly wobbly jelly this week and eating it too!

Week 3 - Red frogs enjoyed going on our school bus this week to Mere Sands!

Week 2 - We have had an exciting week watching fireworks!

Week 1 - This week in red frogs we were visited by the junk orchestra!

Our topic this term is 'All About Me'

Week 7 - This week we have been collecting some leaves to make some lovely crowns.

Week 6 - This week we have been visited by the Ninja Warrior! We had so much fun.

Week 5 - In red frogs we have been exploring the autumn leaves outside and threading conkers!

Week 4 - This week we have enjoyed listening to the song 'five little speckled frogs' and playing with our frog toys!

Week 3 - This week we have been finding shapes in colourful spaghetti!

Week 2 - Red frogs have enjoyed exploring our soft play area!

Week 1 - Welcome to red frogs we hope you've had a lovely holiday. We have been settling in this week!

Our pumpkin is a friendly hedgehog! The children used a hand drill to make holes in the pumpkin then pushed sticks in to give it spines.

Autumn explorations in forest school

Using picture exchanges to request toys

Exploring sensory preferences

We explored leaves which were projected on to the magic carpet...

September 2018 - settling in and having fun!

September 2018


A big welcome back to everyone!  We have lots of new children who are enjoying exploring our lovely school!

Soft play fun

Royal Wedding Celebrations!

Beautiful Blossom!

We like the new magic carpet...

Exploring the playroom...

Sensory story, "Please Be Quiet!"

Exploring cold ice!

After learning a new song about, "Five Little Pumpkins" we bought a pumpkin then explored this by touching, holding and rolling it. Some of the children were brave enough to put their hands inside and pull out the seeds! After that we drilled holes in the pumpkin using a hand drill and looked at lights shining through the holes.

Having fun settling into Red frogs class!

Autumn 2017


Red Frogs children have settled in well and had a great first half term!  The children who were in nursery last year now attend full time and have been joined by lots of new friends. 

Red Frogs 2017 - 2018

Happy Easter!


Next term our topic is, "Off We Go!"

We look forward to showing you more amazing activities!

March 2017 It's been fun getting ready for Easter!

March 2017 We planted and looked after pansy plants for our mums!

March 2017 - "Dear Zoo" has been a super book to help us learn all about animals...

February 2017 We had fun doing Valentines crafts!

January 2017 What a lovely visit to learn about pets...

January 2017 Fun in PE...

January 2017 A very wild and windy day gave us chance to fly our kite!

10.1.17 Red Frogs children have settled in well after the Christmas holiday and are looking forward to our new topic, "Amazing Animals!"

24.10.16 The afternoon children went to the farm to buy a pumpkin. There were lots to choose from!

Getting creative on the smart board!

Every Monday morning the children take part in a rebound therapy session. They love using the trampoline and are doing well with developing their physical, listening and anticipation skills.

Exploring our outdoor area...

Having fun learning about colour!

Welcome to Red Frogs 2016 - 2017


Our new children are settling in so well and having fun exploring the classroom and outdoor area!

Red Frogs 2015 - 2016

March 2016 - Having fun learning through play!

and more fun!

March 2016 - After reading "Goldilocks" we explored the texture of porridge.

February 2016 - We have been learning about big and small.

February 2016 - We're enjoying our story, "Peace at Last"

Working hard on counting and number recognition!

January 2016 - We started our topic on, "Bears" by inviting the children's favourite cuddly toys to spend a day at school. Everyone had a great time...

December 2015 - Christmas Sparkle

December 2015 We love paint and glitter! The children have produced some fabulous art work.

December 2015 We started our Christmas preparations by visiting the garden centre to see the amazing lights!

November 2015 Somebody doesn't mind the rain!

November 2015 Together with the children from Brookfield Park School we did fantastic pictures which will be on our school railings - keep looking for it!

November 2015 The children had good listening ears when they went for a sound walk around school, and in Ormskirk town centre!

November 2015 Red Frogs children have been working very hard in PE sessions.

5th November - Bonfire Night. The Fireworks were fun!

October 2015 We had a great time in the woods learning about Autumn!

October 2015 Rebound therapy sessions are so much fun!

Hope you all have a good summer. See you in September!

Welcome to Red Frogs!


Red Frogs class have settled in really well after the Christmas break and have had fun learning new things!

They enjoyed stories about penguins, making pictures of penguins and even dressing up as penguins! We made an igloo for our classroom which is amazing...

On our educational visit the children explored the snow at Beacon Country Park.  They made footprints and looked at the footprints made by birds and dogs.  They found out that the snow was very cold!

We froze coloured water in balloons to see how it would change... The children had a brilliant time exploring the balls of ice. They rolled them to one another, and down slopes and finally smashed them on the ground!

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