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Purple Frogs 1

Spring term 2020

Our Topic this term is 'Life around us - Our Growing World'

Asia: We are learning about Asian animals. This week went on a Panda bear hunt! (January 2020)

We have been exploring capacity with coloured water and cereal (January 2020)

Africa: We read the story 'Handa's Surprise' and have been learning about African animals and fruits (January 2020)

This term we have introduced 'Bounce aerobics' to our morning routine and we are loving it! (more images to come...)

out in the community - so far this term we have been practising our gross motor skills whilst exploring different parks in our local community!

we enjoy making music

Autumn 2019 - Our Topic this term is 'All about me - Helping Hands'

helping hands: we have been learning how doctors, police officers and firefighters can help us (November 19)

We are learning through our tactile senses during messy play (we made edible, non-toxic substances)

Bonfire night activities - we watched fireworks on the smart board and explored light patterns with torches. Then we used paint to make bonfire and firework pictures (November 2019)

Life skills: shopping - we have been using role play to prepare and practise for the experience of shopping. Some of us went to ASDA to buy snack (October 19)

Children in need 2019

Life skills: making toast (November 2019)

We explored weight and capacity (October 19)

We went to the farm to pick our own pumpkins (october 2019)

We are exploring the seasonal changes that Autumn brings (October 19)

Healthy eating week October 14-18th 2019: we made fruit kebabs, smoothies, fruit yogurts, lollies, and we tried new foods and veggies!

Life skills: cleaning, brushing and hoovering

Life skills: Brushing our teeth (September/October 19)

Life skills: We read 'Germs are not for sharing' and practised good hand washing (September 19)

We have been learning about positive ways to use our hands and feet by reading the stories 'Hands are not for hitting' and 'Feet are not for kicking' (September 19)

We have enjoyed learning about emotions and comparing our differences through stories - 'Elmer' and 'The Rainbow Fish' (September 19)

All about me and you: we have been exploring our physical features through art and crafts