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We care for and teach our children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) at Kingsbury using a nurturing, holistic and child-centred approach.  The children follow their own individual curriculum in the areas of: Communication, Cognition, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


Children have targets set in these areas every term and work towards these in a number of ways.  Children also engage in weekly sessions that give plenty of opportunities for child led learning and incidental achievements.  These WOW moments are a delight and often give insight as to what the next steps are for children to focus on and take.  Sessions through which the PMLD curriculum is delivered include: sensory story, contact dance, hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, functional movement sessions, cause and effect sessions, sensory exploration, learning from a responsive environment, learning through daily routine and targeted work and activities planned to achieve particular goals.  


The children with PMLD at Kingsbury have their targets set and assessed using Quest for Learning and MAPP (Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress).  This allows targets to be set that are very particular to the children as individuals.  Through the use of these assessment tools individualised targets can be set and measured according to four criteria as set out in MAPP (Sissons, 2010).  These are: 

Prompting - from dependent to independent 

i.e. from requiring hand over hand support to activate a switch interactive toy to activating the switch independently.

Fluency - from approximate to accurate

i.e. from being supported completely in locating a switch on a tray to activate a toy to locating the switch independently.

Maintenance - from inconsistent to consistent

i.e. from the skill being new and rarely seen to the skill being remembered and applied after a break.

Generalisation- from a single context to many contexts

i.e. from the skill being demonstrated in one way or with one person or with one resource to the skill being demonstrated in different ways, with different people or with resources.


We take pride in providing the best life and learning experiences we can to recognise each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs.  The provision at our school endeavours to encourage children to reach their true potential through focusing on the most purposeful and relevant key skills for children at a developmentally appropriate level.