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Welcome to Orange Frogs 2016 - 2017

This term we have been settling into our new class set up. We have engaged in lots of different activities such as school walks, painting, baking, making playdough, messy play, music, light room and soft-play sessions. We have also enjoyed reading our class stories The Animal Boogie and Elmer. 
We had lots of fun at the Halloween Party playing hook a duck, searching for treasure, measuring out slime and sticking the skeleton back together. 
This half term we have been doing lots of work on Life Skills. We have been learning the sequence for brushing our teeth. We have used songs and pictures to help us do this. We loved looking in the mirror whilst we were doing this!
We have been looking at what resources we need to wash our hands and the order that we do the steps in. We enjoyed listening to the songs and visiting the Hygiene Suite to do this. 
Once a week we have messy play. We have enjoyed playing with and exploring water, cereal, shaving foam, pasta (cooked and dry) and making playdough. 

Welcome to Orange Frogs 2015 - 2016

Our topic this Summer term is Off We Go! We are learning all about Pirates, different types of transport and going on different adventures. 

Disney Party and Parade

We had such fun at our Disney party dressing up as Disney characters, playing party games and eating ice cream. 

Disney Shop 21.6.16

This week we have been doing lots of Disney activities for our Disney week. And for our trip we went to the Disney shop in the Trafford Centre to have a look at all the Disney toys and listen to the Disney songs. 

Train Ride 24/5/16

Today we went on a train ride. We bought our tickets and then got on the train from Burscough Bridge to Southport. We had a lovely time!

Liverpool Maritime Museum

We had lots of fun on our trip to Liverpool Maritime Museum. We enjoyed looking at all the different equipment. 

Pirates Love Underpants.

We have enjoyed reading Pirates Love Underpants. We really enjoyed using the Pirate props (hat, hook, eye patch and telescope) and then taking photo's of ourselves on the iPad. 
After starting our new topic Pirates we enjoyed walking the Kingsbury plank and trying not to fall into the water. 

Our topic this Spring Term is Bears. We have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Whatever Next and We're Going on a Bear Hunt. 

African Drumming

Zulu Nation came to visit school and did a performance on African drumming. We then had a workshop in the afternoon which was really fun. We all enjoyed having our own drum to play and could play it in time with the drummers. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We all loved the sensory story We're Going on a Bear Hunt! We all had a fantastic time using the props to retell the story. We particularly enjoyed it when Laura pretended to be the bear and chased us around the classroom!
We have been reading Mr Wolf's Pancakes this week. In topic we made pancakes and then took it in turns to help Katie to toss them into the air. We enjoyed trying the pancakes with different toppings (sugar, lemon, chocolate and golden syrup).

Whatever Next!

We have really enjoyed reading the story Whatever Next! We used props to retell the story and then we went on a picnic to the moon. It was lots of fun!! 

This Autumn term our topic is Busy Bodies. We have been doing lots of sensory activities when learning about the 5 senses. We have had lots of fun in messy play every Thursday afternoon!

We had lots of fun at our Christmas Party. We played some party games (musical chairs, musical statues, musical bumps, corners and pass the parcel). We then made a BIG conga line back to class and had a little Christmas food party in class before we got to go and meet Father Christmas! We all loved our Christmas presents.

Santa Dash with SHARES

We had a Santa Dash with Anthony our P.E instructor. We ran around an obstacle course outside which we really enjoyed. Then we went into the small hall and played some party games like musical statues and sleeping lions. We had a lovely afternoon. "It was the best Christmas ever!" (quoted by one of the children). 

A Miracle In Town

We enjoyed dressing up as Mary and the innkeepers for the Christmas Nativity. We all enjoyed being up on the stage and listening to the songs too! 
We enjoyed our Christmas trip to bowling and Pizza Hut. Some of us even got some strikes and spares. We were so well behaved and made Louise, Laura, Chelsey, Kelly and Jo really proud!
In our weekly P.E sessions this half term we have been playing some team games, practicing and developing our ball skills (by throwing, kicking and rolling to a target) and we have been completing obstacle courses (jumping on mats, crawling through tunnels, throwing bean bags to targets).

Frozen Jelly 26.11.15

We made frozen jelly for messy play but we enjoyed exploring the jelly instead. We then heated some chocolate made made some chocolate cornflake cakes. We had lots of fun feeling the different materials and using some brilliant words to describe them (cold, soft, hard, freezing). 

Washing our Hands 20.11.15

During our Life Skills session this week we looked at washing our hands. We watched a video on the board, then listened to a song. We then took it in turns to put soap on our hands, rub them together, rinse them in a bowl of water and then dry them using a towel. 

The week before half term we did lots of Halloween activities which we found lots of fun.

We went pumpkin picking on a local farm- we really enjoyed riding in the wheel barrows.
Then we carved the pumpkin in class the next day- we used a spoon to scoop all the seeds out. Some of us even tried a bit of pumpkin. We also played bob apples!! 

We have had LOTS and LOTS of fun with our weekly messy play sessions. We have really enjoyed playing with the following materials in both indoor and outdoor settings; shaving foam, water, gloop (cornflour and water), sand and pasta. We explored these through our senses (what it smelled like, what it felt like, what it looked like).

Knowsley Safari Park

We've loved reading Dear Zoo. We looked at the different animals, we joined in with the repetitive language and did some lovely writing, picture matching and cutting work on this topic. We visited Knowsley Safari Park to look at the different animals there and to see if we could see the same ones from the story.

Writing/ Letter Formation

We have been trying really hard in our weekly phonics lessons this term. We've been listening to the songs to learn the sounds and have then been practising how to write the letter using templates on the Interactive Whiteboard. We have learned the sounds s, a, t, p and i.


Ordering numbers 1-5
Ordering number 1-5
Ordering random numbers to 10
Ordering numbers 1-5
Ordering random number to 10
Pegging clothes
Identifying the numbers
Choosing one item
This term we have been looking at number recognition and ordering numbers. We have enjoyed listening to songs and playing games on the Interactive Whiteboard. We have participated in a range of practical activities such as, pegging numbered clothes on a washing line, putting numbered leaves back on the branch and posting numbers. We have really enjoyed using our big alien numbers to aid us in our learning.
Have a lovely Summer. See you in September.
Our visit to Ormskirk Fire Station. Fire fighter John showed us lots of exciting things. 

Ormskirk Fire Station

Look at all the fun we had during Spanish Week - Cooking, Tomato Festival fights!, Flamenco dancing, Art work with Sharon and Andy and making and smashing our pinata!
This term our topic is 'The Great Outdoors'. We planted sunflowers and found out what seeds and plants need to grow and keep them alive.

Snow Day Yeahhhhhh 29th January 2015.

We decided not to do Literacy this morning as having fun in the snow is far more exciting!!!!!!!!

Orange Frogs and White Frogs enjoying the Christmas Party.

Orange Frogs trip to Southport

The Angel Express Nativity

Welcome to Orange Frogs!


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Our Educational Visit to Brockholes

Just Dance 2 - Walk Like an Egyptian

We have had great fun learning to 'Walk Like an Egyptian'. We thought we would share this with you all.

During the first half term Orange Frogs have learnt about Egyptians. We have had great fun and learnt alot.

13th November. Today we have been lucky enough to have been visited by Pudsey Bear!



"Daniel loved learning about Egypt, the displays are absolutely fantastic!" (8.12.14 - Parent) 

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