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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team -


Fiona Grieveson - BEd (Hons); BPhil MSI; NPQH - Headteacher

Katie Fielding -  BEd (Hons) QTS - Deputy Headteacher

Ann Culshaw - CSBM; HNC (Business Studies)- School Business Manager

Ruth Watkinson  - MA (SEN); BEd (Hons); PGDip - EYFS Leader

Jayne Wood - NNEB - Extended Services Manager


Teachers -


Ruth Watkinson - MA (SEN); BEd (Hons); PGDip - Red Frogs

Katy Dolphin - BA (Hons); QTS - Green Frogs

Helen Casey  BEd (Hons) QTS - Blue Frogs - PMLD Lead

Kate Lanka - BA (Hons) QTS - Purple Frogs - ASD Lead

Eddie Blundell - BA (Hons) QTS - White Frogs

Louise Kiernan - BA (Hons) QTS - Orange Frogs

Katie Gordon Morris - BA (Hons) PGCE - Yellow Frogs


HLTA - Chris Brooker - NNEB


Azz Seddik -  Physical Education Specialist (SHARES)



Teaching Assistants -


Linda Thompson                      Rebecca Bankier                  Kirsty Grady 

Jane Singleton                       Chelsey McNicholas             Julie Griffin

Karl Simm                               Janine Vincent                    Karen Edwards

Nic Leeman                             Lana Wilson Smith              Kirsty Webster

Catherine Taylor                     Lisa Hogarth                      Julie Ashcroft

Laura Ramsden                        Jayne Sedgwick                 Danielle Cox

Lynn Swift                              Joanne Davies                    Jodie Radley

Emma Aspinall                         Catherine Thompson          Alice Littler 

Angela Bergquist                     Michelle Bolton                 Eliza Reza

Katy Todd                               Rachel Hill                         Sharon O'Connell

Marg Glover


Apprentice Teaching Assistants - Cloe Denton Perry

                                                     Megan Crann


Finance / Admin Assistant -  Kath McNulty


Welfare Assistants  -


Julie Ashcroft

Lynn Angell

Linda Walsh

Marg Glover


Visiting Professionals -


Keren Frain & Kate Blundell - Speech and Language Therapist

Lorraine Blackburn - Speech and Language Therapist Assistant

Katie Watkinson - Occupational Therapist

Jincy Paul and Maleka Jariwala - Physiotherapists

Jane Taylor - School Nurse

Kate Causer - Complex Needs Nurse