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Blue Frogs 2017 - 2018

Welcome to Blue Frogs 2016 - 2017

We have been working hard on lots of different activities this term.  Here are some of the things we have been up to:

Welcome to Blue Frogs 2015 - 2016

Creative Activities



Funny Bones Sensory Story

Sensory Story - 'A Little Bit of Magic'

Exploring African Instruments from the Museum

Welcome to Blue Frogs 2014-2015!




It has been busy in Blue Frogs.  

The children of Blue Frogs have been working hard and have enjoyed lots of activities along our topic of ‘Hot or Not’.


Sensory Story

We have been working on a sensory story called ‘Kofi and the Magic Shaker’, one of our new bag books.  In the story a little boy called Kofi is helped by a mysterious spider to keep cool.  The children have loved exploring the resources – some favouring the sound of the crickets, others the burst of magic air.  Less so the big hairy spider though!

Kofi and the Magic Shaker

Kofi and the Magic Shaker 1
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 2
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 3
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 4
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 5
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 6
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 7
Kofi and the Magic Shaker 8

Sensory Drama

Sensory drama has involved a trip to Egypt and trip to Lapland.  Thanks to Kate from Purple Frogs, we have had some brilliant videos and resources to work with.  Blue Frogs have most enjoyed feeling the chilly fake snow and holding the reigns tight for a husky ride.


Tac Pac

We have been using the new ‘Handypac’ that involves massage movements in time and in keeping with the nature of the music playing.  Some of us have been so relaxed by the end of a session we’ve had a little snooze!  


Physical Development

Blue Frogs have all been working hard.  Lots of us spend time daily in our standing frames, others in walking frames and that’s without even mentioning our new physiotherapy programs and hydrotherapy!


Rebound Therapy

Every week Blue Frogs love having rebound therapy.  We have been working hard to anticipate and continue the bounce, respond to ready, steady, go prompts and hold a good position on the trampoline.


Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy 1
Rebound Therapy 2
Rebound Therapy 3
Rebound Therapy 4
Rebound Therapy 5
Rebound Therapy 6
Tactile Play

This term we have had a great time exploring plenty of warm and cold materials in keeping with our topic.  Some of us took great delight in exploring textures, scents and flavours in our baking sessions.  Later in the term we explored different types of ice.

Tactile Play

Tactile Play 1
Tactile Play 2
Tactile Play 3
Tactile Play 4
Tactile Play 5
Tactile Play 6
Tactile Play 7
Tactile Play 8
Tactile Play 9

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